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Should. yeah. these guys here that you know the forget I don't know how do you look for to dress but that day what would be more consulted on fashion and what can look like let me just say it well I'm sort of a very very handsome young man as. I think he's had to I don't know about to hit the we had either so just just don't do yourself a favor and check it out on you tonight. that that I was moving and I but you go with Tennessee tonight where the point half on the road against the Jaguars in jazz okay I thank you John John will love to you John the great John Hammond always ends up with us yelling at her about the hall of Famer voting. cy young whatever it may be it's true. boy we'll come back we'll get your calls and. sometime he love it I love we are going to go to like Brian can. we just disagree stellar dude the one thing I grew them about and I feel like this is been one is the wind thing the one thing here I get that the wind thing but I I I I I just have a hard time given the MVP I know what's happened in the past to a guy whose team can't even sniff being an array so that really does get me I have to say they need to change the war to a different day and what you want how best player real player year and the MVP they should do that so here's where I'm out with that I'm half with you half against alright here's well look at if it is of below out I have no problem with a rod winning in Texas are Andre Dawson winning in Chicago I don't have a problem with that okay because my question to you would be this should be my counter her point okay let's say Mike trout played a hundred and sixty two games right and it's seventy five home runs right and hit a hundred eighty RBI in his team lost ninety yeah he's doing it that's a that's an outrageous fees but the okay might I mean that's above and beyond normal okay so my question to that is what's the point where you say all my god that's so good I'm giving it to him and it would have to be something like that like that just so outrageous that you just say well you know I've got to give it to okay so I thought that was a time we track was doing that where he was that much better than everybody else that's not the case what is the year that I was pregnant yes he has a limit of about it about a year but pregnancy play more his best play different positions it is number is awesome I just look at his team the best female in a week absolutely a line that I have and I guess my line is a little bit different than yours were I'm willing to go with the guy on the bad team it's before seventy home runs but if it's reasonably close then I'm with then I go with the guy on the guy I just think that it's got to be you know just a stupid season and anyways he's the best player in baseball that the nine at but I I just got I got a real it's a real problem with that you know I mean we give me guidance you know help his team win a series of when a you know get the playoffs at least get the playoffs that kind of. well they should put our players around them because that teams stink yeah what a terrible they really are I will come back with your calls I'll give you the results on that Poland put out yesterday we check in every few months on who's the worst owner in New York and we we pick the three week. James and I root for right we basically. out obviously to Steinbrenner's around you know who the hell would vote for the star bright right that's voting that they're the worst owner what would you be thinking it was a time when I bet you would get both like that for George even when the Yankees were still wanted Japanese ships. I think after nine after the mid nineties out went away yeah maybe I also will give the results between will pond.

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