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Carlson says The event keeps more than 100 people employed during the pandemic and runs through January. 10th about 1200 cars come through each night tickets start as $60 per car. Let's take a look at your drive on the four or five. I think I want some of what she's having. She's so excited. We're going to Carson for a five North found right Wilmington Avenue and report of an injury crashed over to the right shoulder. Somebody got rear ended, but it's not really much of an issue for your drive right now in Santa Clarita on the five North and just after Magic Mountain Parkway wreck with an SUV that went down the right Children banquet, so probably just a visual hazard at this point, Okay, if I and this guy has sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff thought trouble in blowing apart. You better little follow up if you were with us last time around Listed kept jobs is south Five Cent Ana Freeway from the 605 91. Yes, It's quite slow from around Corman, either. Now, all the way down just before you get down to the 91 around the Cartesian Beach Boulevard area. We got a little bit of a collector Wayne, the right far right, collectively and black now was a couple lanes of the freeway for a while. So Good news for you. If you're coming down, it'll start moving. Once you get well Round Valley view, it'll start moving as you could answer 91. That's so far so good. Let's keep it that way for the North bound drive Now from the 91, I've told, you know, Work City, home of 605 all that it's looking pretty good. Injured in an accident visit Superwoman Super Lawyer Calm Jeff Bark, a F I and the sky If I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks, Chargers logged another win, defeating the Las Vegas Raiders 30 to 27 overtime. Both quarterback Justin Herbert praised his.

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