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This is love tune in now wherever you listen or at this is love podcast. PODCAST DOT COM. The moth would like to thank our donors and sponsors for their generous support with your help. We're to continue our work. Virtually producing storytelling workshops and resources for students, educators and community organizations. Your support also allows us to continue to share stories through our radio, our podcast and our virtual shows, furthering our mission building empathy in the world, one story at a time from the entire moth community. We thank you. Welcome to altogether now Friday with the moth. I'm your host for this week Susanne Rust. At the mall we seek to elevate voices from the African American community. We recognize that in this moment it's important to look at all the ways we can do better. We all need to do better. This pursuit is especially urgent now. Want to dedicate all of our Friday podcasts in June those fighting for racial justice and equality, and to those willing to educate themselves some hard truths about this country. When we really listen to each other stories with an open mind and open heart, things can actually shift. Stories help us connect either because we relate to the teller infield seen. Or because we hear something that never occurred to us before. Something that makes us change our minds. Our story this week is from Carol Daniel at speaks to perceptions about race and the importance of celebrating your identity. Carol told this story to Saint Louis main stage with theme of the night was voices carry here's Carol live at the mall..

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