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Vinnie. What now? Oh, stop it. All right. This happened yesterday and and it's it's stupid. But it's interesting that I'm I'm actually married to her. And here here I find myself going, Ha! Maybe I should so one of the things that I've been in relationships before a few of them. And sometimes you get too much information, and you find yourself sort of having toe block something. Well, you have to process that and go. Okay. This person has had a history and So do I. And, you know, we have to be okay with that If we're going to be fine, and Oh, that's the guy. Oh, that guy. You know what I mean? Like that's that's how it can go from. Well, Where is this going? Is we're walking I bought my wife a new purge Apparel. Levi's a good pair of Levi's like the kind that I wear that are. You don't wash him too much and you so I bought her a good para Levi's. They were 250 but no boy. Okay together these jeans what size is she? Zero. It's a little bit. You're you're screwing me up now. So anyway, I get her these jeans and cheese wearing them yesterday She was looking at my project jeans on Because they're a project. You have to They're very stiff. At first. You got to break him in. And as we're walking to go pick up our daughter from school together. She goes. Man. I had to change underwear because I These jeans were going up my butt because I was wearing a thong. Oh, And I go right. She was right. I didn't want him going up my but I don't want Ain't I want that? Look now That's why I got him for you, honey. And I'm like, Well, yeah, like nobody wants a wedgie. Plus wrong with Jean's like that You're going to chafe? No, she's not. She has. What about panties? So she goes? Does this look better? And I go? Absolutely not. I don't understand. Why are you so conservative? You know, Here's the thing. Here's the problem with these jeans. You never watch the wash. You know if they're going to go up for but they're gonna smelly But no. Yes or not? They are first of all, Did you never watch wash and there they are right on your butt. She had a G string on. Oh, yeah, that totally blocks everything. You're right. I forgot about that. There's no farting around close the main part. That's not the point of that story. Never get Asi. The point of the story is when I got in. When we got into a relationship. We were very careful about the information we shared with each other. I just assumed she has a reckless youth somewhere back there that she's never told me about. But really, as a grown up she's a very conservative woman. And and that was another hint at this conservative dresser dresser that eye It just makes it baffles me like she has a really cute but why wouldn't you? Why you change your underwear toe because you don't want a wedgie and terrible Did jeans or cutting you in half. Don't think Get a wedgie from those You don't get that weren't wedging. They just showed a little contour for crying out loud. We don't want him up her butt. Anyway, she's extremely conservative in that way. So what was the revelation that I just think What I realize now is that she has probably not had the reckless youth that I assume she's had. And I probably could ask her questions without getting scarred. Well, buy it. Don't do it. I'm not. I just I know you. You don't even little things you'll be like, Oh, my God. She was wild. It's like yes, I did have a boyfriend in high school. You know what? Though? High schools. I know that she went to an all girls high school. Yeah, that doesn't matter. There's always an all boys high school waiting in the wings. Is that right? Yeah, they would have those mixer, dances and stuff and sure. There's a Notre Dame alum. Well from downtown San Jose. You know it. I don't know. You know, brings about school your guys anyway, Marcy here, it's just weird. So conservative or she just doesn't like to have it. I'm telling you, it wasn't but end up selvage Denim does not go. Lights rough. There was slight contour, barely Eddie. Particularly if he's never gonna wash him. She doesn't want a mother. But I'm just telling you, she's It's so weird to have ridiculous. She's got those things going to be all nice. And as I get Maura of the picture, I realised my fears were You are never going to be realised. I think she just didn't have a stupid, reckless youth like I did. I don't know when she was working A T g I Friday's and maybe that would have been when You know, she gets all lit up when she talks about those days. Get all his friends and their friends or to look at her go. Anyway. Sorry, that's look. We did it again. Right? Well here I come in with his dumb picture that I just wanted to show you real quick, and it turned into 20 minutes. Now come quick story turned into 20 more, because basically every time you have some dumb, simple story, it takes our heads cleared off, and we're like his daughter's poop is his pride and joy. Look is actually that should be Christina's pride and joy because she's created has believe me. She sent it to me. I wasn't there for the pic. I got the pick last night as I was getting in bed and was like Oh, my God..

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