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Freak out about it because I know he's not going to do it but the fact that she freaked out about it. It's like trust your gut ladies you know what I mean. Wow that's good bizet's Gill hasn't killed anyone that I know of. And he does follow me on twitter. And now he's putting all his energy into writing novels and so there's a happy ending and I think if we can have more of like an understanding of people's pathologies or psycho pathologies and like talk to them and maybe mine comedy out of Like confronted without making people. Feel shame. Maybe we can have less pain in the world novels about you. Know Power the eating women what he should have been doing all along talking about your second Special re intimidated or scared of John V. No no no he was running for. President. I thought the odds of shooting me intentionally were very low. I was a little nervous when he was drunk and waving his gun around. Because it's not really how you that's not good gun safety How many how many guns were there? There were lots of men holding guns you see in the there. Were five men aside from him. I think holding guns around us but a lot of it was posturing. I think there was one tiny moment when I was asking him about his sexual allegations. That people were getting a little weird but for the most part it was fine. Why do you think he agreed to come on the show? We gave him all the information about who. I wasn't everything I think. He's running for president. I think he wanted to be heard and he doesn't regret it and we didn't really take him out of context and anyway. That's I always say when I was the daily show like I really don't take people out of context so you know I might ask jokey questions or whatever but I'm not gonNA. I'm not if you tell me. Your favorite color is green. I'M NOT GONNA say it's blue trying to think of how best to phrases but it's helpful perhaps maybe to be a woman in these situations. Yeah yeah sure because you can diffuse as he said yes. I don't think you're you're fucking with them to. Why do you think that is i? Think men of a certain generation who may be like grew up before women could apply for credit cards to kind of. Don't really see us as people and it hurts us in a Lotta ways. But in this one tiny way it can be used to our advantage. So you've found this. Great loophole the sweet spot. We might not get paid. Well you might not get treated equally but you can fuck with them on camera and have entertaining content and they would never Probably agree to do many of the things that you get them to do. Talk about if you were a man. Luck men in the same role. Get other things that maybe I don't get you know. I also think that like when I was at the daily show is the only female field producer and I would get access to certain men that the guys didn't think I would get access to but at the same time like there is an inherent distrust of women that there might not be of other men so other guy field producers could maybe you know cozy up to their subjects in a way that I don't think I ever would be able to so just depends on what you're looking for one of those men. David Letterman who I met Dave. I worked a row for for you. I met him twice. They wouldn't let me around him and I should clarify. I wasn't for any specific reason. I just he was like very checked out at that point You know I didn't really have a didn't really know him. The most jokes I got on the show where top ten's because Dave would just look at the list and choose what he wanted. The sketches there was like a little bit as a little more political because they're like many producers between the writers and Dave. And so you'd write a sketch. Had Writers would veto editor or pass it on producer's producers would like it or not. They'd have everybody who have notes by the time it got to. Dave basically wasn't even the original thing that you wrote so. I found that with him. The most jokes I was getting on with the ones that he would just see directly and then I didn't get a ton of sketches on. There's one sketch that I got on. And the head writers had left because of whatever bullshit and this Guy Matt Roberts came in. I think it was Matt Roberts. Anyway time And Chris Christie was giving a speech and it was anti-gay marriage and I don't like fat jokes but Dave at the time did and so. I wrote a little sketch where Chris Christie Sang. How marriage should be between a man and a woman and it was on Mardi Gras and somebody just yells take it off and then Chris Christie flashes the crowd. And we have this body double. Kristen really move so it was really easy to like Dr Images to like do basically a deep fake which is what you would call it now but actually we build this image. That looked so real that Dave took out the context of Mardi Gras and just had this like clip of Chris Christie flashing people whenever and he played it so much that even like three years. After I left I would get residuals from that one sketch that Dave just kept playing all the time. You're not proud of it because you don't like fat jokes. I don't like that jokes but I also don't like Anti Gay jokes or Nyman. Anti-gay jokes anti-gay commence. I felt like it was like fair. Game you know. Chris Christie's being homophobic. I'm going to troll him a little bit. Do you know if he saw I think he must the same. It has to have right. Yeah that's awesome John Stewart. Great boss. Yeah why why do you say that? Because he cared and he let us like I really like. I did a lot of segments there that I was really proud of what I got. I got him into the last three years of the show and he was like you know we can do a segment about anything you want. As long as you're passionate about and we'll find a way to make it funny. And so like we segments that like the OPIOID epidemic and fast food worker strikes and we found a way either like with the oboe with the OPIOID epidemic. Obviously nothing about it. It's funny but we did. It was chair. Michael Chang was a correspondent. I did a segment where it was like a satire parody on the insider like the way that like the tobacco companies were people and like lawyering up all that crap in the nineties. We do the same thing with like the pharmaceutical companies in the two thousand so You know it was. It was a funny piece in that. It was like Michael Shaping paranoid that they were going to get go after him or something but it wasn't like lulls but I just loved working for John. Because it was like it was like a crash course in film school. He seems like he's missed from the current Yuppie he got out at the right time dot out. It's people are angry that he's out because I think people are angry about everything people. I've read things where people are like. The daily show is why we have trump. And it's like now. Yeah we have. I think that they thought that people kind of making fun of a certain demographic is like created this culture. It's US versus them Blah Blah Blah. But I mean the real reason I think part of the reason we have trump is just because you know we starting from reaganomics neoliberalism if you just leave people out in the cold and you don't give them opportunities. Then they'll just kind of vote against their own self interests same thing with brexit. You know there are people all over the country that are really hurting unable to get jobs that they're being radicalized by Fox News and it's like a whole sludge of bullshit that's led us to where we are now but I don't think it's because of the daily show you know the best way to explain it. Yeah Jordan pills movie us. It's like if you leave people in the shadows they're gonNA come back to kill you. I think it's one of the best films of the decade satire so hard and he just completely nailed it in every way are there other. Filmmakers admire yeah domain Scorsese. Yeah I like any filmmaker. Honestly who can like? Get A cellmate. I'm already in all. Do you WanNa make a movie. Yeah let's do it becomes the right place Burbank. Yeah I have a couple of movies. I WANNA make three movies. I WANNA make every two of them. One is written two movies ever into movies. Are they trying to sell them? Or how does that work? I haven't been able to. One is a movie based off of the Web series. It's about a woman who falls in love with a serial killer. Try to make it work. The other movie funny enough I wrote in two thousand fifteen. It's about a woman who's in quarantine for a virus called Corona virus associated with lymph opinion. Carl I wanted like a kind of benign guy's name to be like the acronym for the virus is called twenty one days of Carl. I know wow I know I just thought after the Ebola thing happened like just the media response the fact that like the Abullah doctor and his fiancee ended up in like on page six. Like leaving a thing. It's just kind of made me like I mean. Obviously the current current outbreak is harrowing and heartbreaking especially for people in China The Abullah outbreak for people in America. There was something funny about an and I did donate to doctors. Without Borders and I. I put a fundraiser together where we raise quite a bit of money for them. Not a total monster. When I talked about this in your mind I mean always but I did think it was funny the way that like they turn into celebrities. The bullet doctor kind of became like a weird celebrity New York. You're about to seize Kiel. O.`Neil like you've never seen him before. This is show about my life just because they have more than the average guy doesn't mean I'm better than the average got jack like all new Thursdays at nine on TNT. Know if I'm ready to face the world of my own Tracy. Morgan is back. Wraparound edging. Tiffany Haddish is back with. We support one another. Everything is going to be okay. The last Oh own new Tuesdays at ten thirty nine thirty central on TBS. Tell us about the election night. Stephen Colbert.

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