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In your basement. Dry for good call 1 800 Busy dog today for 23 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Where's the worst of it, Mike? Well, the expressways. No fun, Ben. That's the That's the situation here. The South bound expressway is just slow going from massive most of the way down through Savin Hill and then from Furnace Brook Parkway to the Braintree Split and North Sounds pretty awful from Furnace Brook Parkway up through East Milton, couple of Miles. It's a breakdown in a bad spot after that East Milton Square overpass, basically leaving you down to two lanes. And then it's really slow coming up towards the tunnel. We've got a minor crash inside by the government center exit. Stay over to the right to get by their little easier elsewhere to the South. Things aren't so bad Route three is pretty good down. Password 53, the lower end of 1, 28 decent and 24 South is backed up just a bit coming down past 4 95. Get the latest on 93 now as we go to the WBC news, radio traffic copter Well, you know, we've been watching the cloverleaf between 93 1 28 up here in the reading stretch head to the little heavy for a brief period of time on the ramp from $93 to 1 28 South has gotten better. So overall, it's about 12 minutes from the city up here to 1 20 Gate and then beyond that, no big issues up into the Merrimack Valley. I'm Krista Neck in the WBC news radio traffic copter. You know the upper end, Everyone. 28 isn't bad at all. You'll actually make good time from Waltham up in the Lynnfield right now and Route One is clear. A past 1 28 eventually into Danvers in Topsfield that no big problems on the mass turnpike fingers crossed there and then downtown. Things are pretty good. However, Storrow Drive is backed up coming into leverage. Circle Very slow on the leopard up ramp as you head for 93 North. Miking with WBC's traffic on the three checking the four day AccuWeather forecast. Now meteorologist Brian Thompson brought to us by the sump pump geeks. Some sponsors see a flurry of snow shower and early this evening. Otherwise will be a partly cloudy night tonight and brisk alot 30 in Boston twenties.

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