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Seven two thousand nineteen John Shumway Fletcher along on this or any Monday morning rainy days and Mondays maybe more a little more difficult this day than others for Steelers fans tough pill to swallow yesterday afternoon yeah all the way around obviously a lot of concern on the human level for Mason Rudolph and of course now with one and four Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin no no no play make on our part you got also to be cap to the ravens they made the necessary place vertically offers man as a big time player he made on overtime and puts in a ball out the ball out from ju ju Swiss Shuster who had caught what would have been a first down and more right and the Steelers were within a couple of first downs from having a chance to kick a winning field goal of their own in over time but it was not to be did you say the guy was doing that all game yeah he was he was and still in football all game that's what his game plan what is you could it was very effective yes they had knocked the ball out before but they said you know it you know it's interesting it there's so many different little things along the way with you start the game and you go to the wild cat so Jaylen Samuels who's a running back gets the direct snap from center for marquees Pouncey in that it looks like he's gonna run to the right and then he he has you know a design throw but this road kind of flutters out into the flat in its picked off and now you're on a short field and you put yourself behind the eight ball from the get go little things throughout the course of that game but little things that turn the course of the entire game but the big thing was third quarter you have your quarterback Mason Rudolph who was doing fairly well knocked out literally knocked out and is in a concussion protocol we don't know more than that right now well and to add insult to injury he gets to the point where you can get off the field in the medical card breaks down the horror was an operated properly whatever the case may be a a push and off the field and it was amazing to me that you know I was checking Twitter later and that is what people work keying in on the fact that a multi million dollar NFL operation and their medical card doesn't work like really is set is there really isn't a story full saw but the other thing is the fact that you know you have the Browns planned tonight Cincinnati lost again so if the Steelers would have found a way to win that game yeah then it be in great shape literally be they could be in first place because head to head they would be Baltimore if the Browns lose tonight Hey good so you go from first sure did not worst now bangles or worst and but in in spy I know it's a wooded coulda shoulda that one in four you're going elbow it was still quarterback right yeah one and two were down in in let's be honest Mason road ostocka place Sunday I know I can always you can clear the concussion protocol and does some kind of miracle but even the devil in Hodges did alright doc dynasty the man who I guess is a duck call is S. color yeah they call on the dock for that reason it is kinda in here's a guy he played for a little school in Birmingham Alabama called Samford not to be confused with Sam for yeah four yeah exactly but he's a gamer I mean he came out AFC north faction in the midst of a game that could be one and did everything he could to win it in almost did it so you give him credit but Greg McEntee was asking on the news room well who if he got hurt then who would win in it would've been Samuelson area probably it's with us Jim said Jalin Samuelson the wild cat yeah and the one can wasn't nearly as effective in yesterday's game as it was I'm gonna Geren because you know they studied up on it you know they did we won't see him thrown many passes anymore I'm gonna send all I don't know Jalin Samuelson I don't know I mean okay so we threw an interception yeah but it it led to Balmain Baltimore at a ten point lead so I noticed Steelers battled back you got to give him credit I mean it's frustrating as it is you can see flashes of things that could be well it always it's always interesting to me how when there is a loss then everybody goes ballistic on particular little issues you know why did Mike Tomlin choose to kick off in the overtime I agree with you hundred percent on that not tell you why because in overtime both teams have a chance to possess the football exactly so the defense was playing pretty well they shouldn't have given up the long drive to allow the field goal to tie the game with just under three minutes ago in regulation right what otherwise they were sack and and get after it so you figure in a dead they held Baltimore after during kick in over and I got the ball in overtime got the opportunity to great album first downs and win the game exactly so I I don't even know what the argument is on that the my point is that when there's a loss they will people will pick apart my new details saying all of this is the problem plus or an awful lot of people out there who just want to take my time on the task on a weekly basis which is hello well we'll have more details on that Jim colonies coming up we also will take a look at our weekend weather and traffic Allen gambles in the house next door because of a new rules of aging is changing Capital.

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