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To socalled sutherland springs truth irs or face terrorism charges and wilson county sheriff's deparment said in the statement fiftyfouryearold robert sirri and fifty six old jodie man were harassing the congregation at the church where twenty seven people were killed in a mass shooting in november the sheriff said oh three even told a pastor frank pomeroy whose own daughter died in the massacre that his daughter never existed a serie edits a website called side the warren which claims all mass shootings are fake in efforts by the government to strip americans of their guns robber would news radio kkob jay thanks to a citizen's petition austin's land development code rewrite code next will be on a november ballot if mayor steve adler who was also upper reelection in november and the rest of also city council are scared of what voters will decide with code next they're not showing it publicly they all say they support the citizen's right to petition and the government and council member or houston says heavy code next on the bell will make more people care that and all right let's go to oncoming traffic here's marina brandt here look advised traffic is showing heavy delays on all of the free ways if you're headed north of mount on thirty five there is a racket adjusts past the riverside drive that is sitting on the right shoulder and then also 35 and northbound near wells branch parkway you've got another collision on the right shoulder and it is causing a delay all the way back to one eighty three reports several wreck on south winning three north on a de gabriel collins road as well as collisions reported on east 290 eastbound it shut oakland boulevard six twenty northbound at pochon park boulevard and lamar at moro street i melinda brandt with us ines on time traffic who.

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