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Emotional vacation, all your sick disappear. Bang. You won't need you won't need any doctors and psychiatrists. And so I want you sue as long as you can hear me is do you have the seven minute meditation. I bet you it doesn't work for you. Because you're trying to. I know, but you see the whole idea of the meditation is when you look at your eyelids, listen carefully. You don't want to kill you. It's not meant to cure. You only to follow the yellow brick road. Follow follow follow follow. The Olympic wrote. What I'm trying to say is I am going to show you a journey. Inward and separate you from the the noise and cruelty this coming through you and upsetting you and causing you to be resentful and going to this doctor that doctor because cancer, they don't know what it is it could be cured and ten minutes if you're ready. I'm not saying you already 'cause you're very broken person. You don't have much faith, but you are calling me. I will hopefully share with you. Yeah. I did eat everything you say. I hate to put my whiny voice on the sorry. I really like what I just love what you're saying about the hold hold your horses. Be very calm, sit quietly and don't talk. Only if I ask you. Where am I coming from quiet now? Be aware that I'm not like anybody else. Can you see that? You sense? It can you send different. And how does it affect you? How does that affect us all about I know how does that affect you? Love it. You see it? And what does seeing what kind of emotion or feeling you have when you see it? What kind of are you happy? Don't send what I'm trying to say. But it seems like, you know, I'm coming from a different place. Correct. Yes. Yes. All right. First time. I listen to you. I thought this a.

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