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You go. See a star is born. No, she ticked me off on Friday with their comments. So they boycotted it. I'll probably go this week. Jimmy, eventually, I'll gal go watch learn Coley. What they loved it. Like raving about my kids aren't last night. They liked it too. I ain't no. I'm not gonna ruin anything for anybody. I don't think I it doesn't end. Well. Yeah. I do I want that on the weekend. You know, life licensed depressing. I don't to be depressed kid handle it second-place, forty one million. I was venom which you figure be first place. Didn't they would beat it by forty million bucks? Somebody explained this to me. He's a bad guy, though, isn't he doesn't matter isn't he? Marvel true. But why does marvel have begged guys I thought they only had superheroes. Not gonna fight somebody. But doesn't I see he's not like deadpool, and he kills bad people. I don't know. I don't know any of the bottom. I never knew who was until the promos started coming out. It's an ugly little thing though. Some looking at all the movies, you never hear about this just happened to be a top ten of the weekend. Number eight, you could have gone to see health fest. Million bucks? I'm looking forward to the nutcracker movie coming out and Christmas. Have you seen that? No. Yeah. It's it's but it's like the four realms or something it's like an offshoot of the real nutcracker. It looks really good. It's a Disney film marvel. The new superhero his name is nutcracker. Thank you. Got more headlines where the president is going to be today in Florida, and maybe they should sell pay per views to the posts you have fights. Now, they because the fight wasn't any good next..

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