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Weeks. I agree that the playmaking thing and obviously we're byles. We'll talk about later but like we thought he was going to be that guy. We all had that hopeful in the offseason. Maybe a comes back and he is that guy off a badge but they if can be great. I don't know nobody knows we're gonna get with him at night in night out. It's really an interesting. It's just interesting that we can get into the laker game. Ut's earlier but Man you know especially after watching last night. You know bill and russell and hit those shots and damian. Lillard like kemba should hit those shots. He should hit the shoddy should head and he should not be. I don't remember what one for twelve or two hundred four. Whatever it was awful and he's awesome and we've liked him since college is just i feel like he's not that guy. I do think we're in a bit of a scoring trouble on the nights where you know we're we're both are two stars not playing great. And then if they're all throughout the floor he can't run that second unit or could the bridge from the first and second year. I actually think they do have some scorn. So jon just pointed clarity. Some of us went to the university of pittsburgh so we didn't love kemba walker in college fair. that's fair. He was a winner in college and most people acknowledge that. And let's just say. I can said he was a winner. Yeah.

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