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And now the low has twelve come to the low post podcasts where Jackie MacMullan made the mistake of informing me that she was in Denver, Colorado to watch the most fun of these very fun. Well, three very fun anyway second round playoff series. And I said, well, that's it. You gotta come onto podcast seven talked about this in podcast form so much. And of course, you got to see a complete blow out a night of blow outs last night. Jackie. How are you? I'm great sack. Thanks for having me on. Oh, come on. Are you kidding me? It's it's ridiculous. That you come on the stupid podcast, but we're happy to have you on. So are you having his I mean last night was not so fun because Denver just wax Portland. But this has been such a delightful it's been such a delightful series. It hasn't I just was talking to Christina. When I was in LA last week doing the jump. I said I what in I want to go, and I was my nephew's graduating shutout Christopher tone graduating from boulder on Thursday. I said I'll go in a couple of days early. Let me in on this because I feel like the Denver Nuggets are kind of like my children Zach because I was there earlier very early in the season did along peace Jamal spent a bunch of days with them and tell everybody the same thing I walked in there and four days later walked out and said, I have this is the best vibe in the NBA right now they had such a positive vibe between the coaches the players. So I'm happy for them that it's translated into this. Because it doesn't always as you know. So you wrote a wonderful profile of the Jubal Murray. So why don't we start? Why don't we start there? And it was about it was a few months ago. It was about his relationship with his father. How hardy was pushed and I'd forgotten the delightful. Details in there like his father would make him hold a perfect squat for twelve minutes and put a Cup of hot tea on top of his thigh..

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