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That we thought was great our associates wanted to help and this was a way they could and they were friendly and really really really really committed to our mission and so it's to us it felt like a win win right well now not so much the wellness warriors were tasked along with center security with a walking around the building making sure people were doing what they were supposed to do but also with with you know other smaller tasks picking up cigarette butts or if they see litter picking them up or changing you know the trash now our associates the people that use our center how did they respond to the the increased efforts the increased security today mind it now they did not and actually we had for a while there we had people cycle we become one of those how do we be who oria and so obviously not everyone is you know cut out for that kind of duty but they they did appreciate it and unfortunately are associated became aware of these random people that were tracking them as they were travelling through the neighborhood and it it became known that we were under a little pressure to implement some of these changes and that's unfortunate now the wave it you became known was that picture started showing up not not clandestine you know people showed a written reports photographs of people in the neighborhood doing things is that correct that happened once we atta someone takes pictures of people with their camera phones and.

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