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Amazing Dave Longstreth David so great. Because I mean I've seen you at the will I'll turn and you guys were like. It was a full band experience but I love to hear the sauce completely stripped down that I start like creating the Sanju like you and Qatar. This is it. I want to see if I can do this right here. But there's so much going on in every song that you guys do yet ends up that way but yeah that's that's the way Eh right. Great Great Great Interview Ran. Do you like music. Yes okay. Let's get on with the show. No but that's on the last album. which again we highly recommend? Everyone pick up. Are you working on new album right. Now Yeah Okay great out do you know are a target or no do you do you say look alike when you wanna finish when you you WANNA done. Let's done do you. Do you drop your albums how do you how do they come back. Yeah they drop the drop I think so it depends. We knew when you're playing the guitar you play that by yourself you sometime. You use both hands hands on guitar when you're doing. It occasionally sweet all right. Look from the new album I like this. What about touring stuff are there will be? Are you out touring now. Tend to walk or drive or dot. Then you walk. Part of Arnovitz walked part part of. It's walking the walk. Walk.

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