President Trump, Washington, Bill Clinton discussed on The Rocky Boiman Show


Was talking about about crooner swamp are you opera swamp and there's so many people in the system better against giarra president only because they're afraid they don't want the swamp it out there part of it not however for your car swap that's been festering an in washington forever well you know and hillary clinton knows talked about in bill clinton talked about say the whitewater investigation back in arkansas where which reached a dead end but there's been all kinds of hints in allegations of all kinds of wrongdoing that didn't involve white house interns involving the clintons i mean that's just another part of the story but you know there there's always been the talk about the the airstrip that was a drug trafficking point meena arkansas when bill was governor there in that state obviously whitewater and you know now this it can't just be that everybody is again since the clintons i mean we're there smoke there's usually fire but there has been so much smoke it looks like napa valley california at this point that's correct and it's always wicket quite move call we've been hurried acquired hair to play you you know if you wanna play you half the perry and that's all we stand and clinton had made a fortune because his because of quite absolutely but in you talked about this warmth there are plenty of republicans who like their swamp no question about it and you see what's going on the president can't hear it you know all of your republican holly that go along with what he wants to tax reform tax bureau bringing jobs back to this country after not really forgot about things that are they walked chris the period of play swap and this president does the period of choir i mean he's already a failure there right exactly and and again is part of their fear he does he didn't need to be he didn't need to be even running for office he he certainly didn't need this job right corsica but he saw a point where america was losing its stature in the world as as a world leader people were disrespecting america all around the globe not only militarily but also economically and he made those points very very clear when he was running and that's exactly why he was running and if you.

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