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No real i came across the article since we're talking about shows and movies and all that good stuff i came across article and it's twenty three years i think since twenty twenty five years the release of the film minutes to society wore that movie out oh yes we knew damar that is one of the movies aca popping right now minister society boys who five heartbeats so but i came across this article washington post shout out to my lady she was actually reading in his she pitched it to me and i read it and found it pretty interesting the article basically was talking about the main characters which was cain in oboe and it was big emphasis put on the opening scene if you remember the opening scene is when they went into the liquor store and korean store in the lady say feel sorry for your mom and he is up killing her and killing her husband and they were canada's basic given the backdrop of so you know with any movie there's a back story that you probably won't necessarily see on film but the backstory is what basically bills the story that you actually do see on a film and they were just putting emphasis on the disconnect between they wanted to show the disconnect between how the korean lady in the store didn't understand or realize that her saying i feel sorry for your mom it was the husband and said it i'm sorry i feel sorry for your mother triggered something in dog calls him to kill and it kind of goes back to which our just say about the show thirteen reasons why you usually see the action but you don't know the reason why somebody you know do does things that they do and so i thought i found it interesting because it's spoke to a lot of things spoke to some things that we're still dealing with as a society today it also spoke to some mental health things you know what i mean and.

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