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Complex out on a weekday. However, a box truck did not slow down and then slammed hard into the back of a van and both vehicles. Then caught fire. The driver of the van was killed the scene. Several other vehicles were involved and five people were injured had to be taken to the hospital the long flu season. Finally over medical experts say it was a very unusual year for Washington. Komo's Carleen Johnson has details. The two thousand eighteen nineteen flu season was the longest flu season on record and was unusual in that. There were two distinct peaks, this is according to a summary from a flu expert at the Everett clinic as you put it in the Everett herald, those two peaks were both different types of influenza A, and that's unusual state epidemiologist got Linquist the season h one and one and shift to a stream called h three and two. To both of these are covered by the vaccine through April twentieth. There were two hundred four lab confirmed influenza deaths statewide most when people with underlying health conditions or the elderly there were two children who died of the flu Pierce county had the most deaths forty-one as for the effectiveness of the vaccine. The overall rate was forty seven percent. But for those over fifty the CDC reports the vaccine was not terribly effective at all only twenty four percent overall. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news director, John singleton died this week. The fifty one year old had suffered a massive stroke earlier this month. Komo's MandA factor has more on what puts you at a higher risk for stroke. The death of the acclaimed director comes just weeks after actor Luke Perry. Died of stroke at age fifty two does that seem young. We know that the incidence increases as people get older. But it doesn't mean because you're young you can't have his trove. Dr Caroline, Brockton director of the stroke center that New York's Mount Sinai hospital tells good Morning America. What puts you at higher risk. I blood pressure, diabetes, heart, disease, smoking and activity. If you notice your speech slurred, you can't hold your arm, straight or your face begins to droop. Get to the hospital immediately. Because we know that time is brain the longer the time. The brain isn't gonna end up blood flow, the more likely you're going to have permanent injuries. Manda factor of KOMO news. John singleton was nominated for the Academy Award for best director in nineteen ninety one for the film boys in the hood, the Pacific northwest takes the gold and bronze when it comes to the best states to nurse. The new findings were just released by wallet hub based on pay opera. -tunities and work environments, Oregon was just named the best state to work as a nurse. Washington ranked third perhaps that means we'll get more nursing school graduates to move here. Twenty twenty-five author Mark Brunell spoke with us yesterday about projected nursing shortages. He says this country pay is it's nurses pretty well and remind states like ours. The best way to keep nurses on the job loving you. It's about digital huge andled making the balance between rule areas and areas wallethub survey also states nursing is expected to grow at more than double the rate of the average occupation in the country through twenty twenty six. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Komo news time.

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