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Our your excitement levels are you as you know i'm a massive advantage fan so i'm looking forward to this because i wanted to see i i really admire these two managers are legally and in protein no i think both of them are probably much more pragmatic than they are often giving credit for we've seen put your gino go and take the game to the opposition impress high we've also seen him play differently press intermittently said deeper and of course i legally as a whole history of doing that you've never quite know which you that you're going to get so i think it's going to be a tremendous battle of wits out there so as a neutral i'm looking forward to it is crates had the champions league there's nothing new about this would always all the time it should be a great game shouldn't aid should be an and utah to one of the fact that both teams come into this game plane as well as the argue you think about what spurs have to have done over the last three weeks after the manchester united and liverpool and arsenal and now juventus but they have been playing their best at this point and inconsistency that guy was referring to has been clear throughout the course of the season however on the back of this performance against arsenal in that second half the they can carry that out over ninety minutes spurs are going to give joined to everything that they can handle can they do it that's the big question they have to do what they didn't do against lewis t the john solution of a team that you can't keep in again is yuban as a similar season being gray of seen them be now reach this is shamo com the end up winning by the old goal and disposal not careful this is gonna happen again you take a look at the s p on the events assault favor skying going in clashes to advance hit fifty.

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