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TV one that whole family is a great place to be. I'm really happy to be a part of that family over there. So yes, grown man shit. It's a comedy series that we produce over at Casta Saif dot com. Really wants you guys send joy, they really let you take the rain because it is. That's. Completely a really good time. And it's Faysal component to you know, my little portfolio there. I'm excited to share building. Yeah. So that's a real announcements at another point, right? We already did the bug business. Right now, you spied lie. People. A was had. That's right. So here we go episode four of this story. The phone was right there on his desk. All he had to do was pick it up and send one message a message that was satisfied curiosity that would most definitely involve killing a cat, but Ron was a southpaw. So if he grabbed his phone it would be with the hand that wore a wedding ring Mia Sar day. He couldn't no matter how empty he was inside. He couldn't feel that empty space with good feelings that were attached to hurtful mistakes. So the phone said he stood he needed to move around. And it was close enough to the close of business for him to Carlotta day without guilt. He sent a quick I message to me on his I MAC letting her know that he loved her and he loves day and was heading to the gym. He always did that sent those kind of messages, but these days it was more of a reminder to himself, then it was a sweet. Surprise for his wife. Ran really wanted to have an honest pure love with his wife. He did. But he shook off the thought, of course, his wife should be who it was mea that's the wife. He had to have. He loved me. And the love that. He did not question was the love that he had for his daughter. She was his glue his attachment to it all and since it was a permanent attachment his marriage had to be as well that was his obligation. And since fitness was also, an obligation. Ryan grabbed his duffel shook off his thoughts and headed forty one floors downstairs to the ground floor his office building where the gym that he belonged to located chic trendy expansive and expensive this gym was purposeful for bodybuilding, but especially for networking. Ron waved. His iphone in front of the scanner of the glass doors, which then separated to welcome him into the facility as low I clicked in Clack. All across the granite, floor tiles. He was greeted by the surprisingly, very visible and very beautiful director of operations, Robin, Robin was tall stunningly beautiful and completely unfazed by any and off their tastes advances. That were sent her way she was all business, which is why you always saw her on the actual floor if the gym engaging directly with the guests and members who happily pause their workout routines for her friendly, check ins, she was amazing at her job and had single-handedly curated the hottest Jim in the city. Mr. Ron who's exactly to letter side of the greatest first name ever, Robin said as she walked out of her office door that was their joke and it made them chuckle everytime. You glad you got the same name as Riyadh. He quickly responded with a waving off of the hand. And she really didn't even want the name. So he had it with the laugh. You know, what go workout Ron Robinson with the laughed and a soft push. His shoulder. That's what I thought he said with another laugh and headed towards the man's locker room to change into his workout gear. This day was going much better than it had started for him. And he couldn't wait to add a great lift says in the end to his afternoon he walked into the locker role said Hello to a few guys opened his locker and said his gym bag on the bench. He said down removed his loafers Dany unzipped his duffel to retrieve his clothing as he removed the items. He smelled the familiar scent of the fabric softener that he and his wife a us when they did laundry..

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