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Into the game, you kind of your money. That's how you find out who's bad. All my bets were safe. That wouldn't be any juice. Juice point spreads the prophets, but teasers the parlays from Vegas to you. These these behind the bats. Welcome in another behind the bets podcast. I Doug kazarian. We're taping this on Thursday, October eighteenth coming up. Mike clay fantasy insider will join us. He has four prop bets to break down and also John Murray obviously of the west gate odds maker and director. He's going to recap. We are going to recap together a poor performance in the baby bankroll bonanza KYW you must be loving this. You're gonna get paid. Yeah, got an admit, got my swagger back a little bit after you've just been cleaning up Phil's. Good. I got us nice to be the house. Isn't it? Eventually let let people lose. So we've talked about, we're not gonna win every week, but hopefully we will win more than we lose. And so we'll do baby bankroll bonanza into this weekend. Shockingly I won't have nine place, so that'll be a good thing. And then we'll also recap last week. Awesome game on Sunday night with the chiefs and patriots, and we'll look ahead to this coming weekend straight ahead. P started this at ticket writer will handle has gotten a lot higher here in the last hour. Now he's a racing sports book director. I have the guys at work. You're calling me Mr. director and not looking directly into my eyes wave people brought in a whole new staff this year. It kind of Seinfeld esque move where we just rotate the guys to the material doesn't get stale up. One happened in between a hot tub and ESPN. Get into hot tub weather out here. Very chilly. I needed a jacket today and this always sort of, I don't know if it's Pavlovian, but it just triggers the busy time for sports bettors with all these overlapping sports, we have our man, John Murray to break it all down for us. It's probably my favorite time of year. Doug, you got the baseball playoffs NBA and hockey or starting the NFL is going on college. Football's going on. And then the weather in Vegas is awesome. Right now. I'm trying to get out there and play some golf this weekend. That right now, Vegas is ideal. Yeah. What is it? That's what I was gonna ask you. I kind of I've forgotten. It's like during the day, it's like in the mid seventies. I mean, it's like San Diego weather here. Do you have time high today on my day off the high. Today's seventy five tied tomorrow's eighty. I mean it's pretty nicer. Man, yell play some golf on Monday. Probably. It's also ably. It's also very weird time and built the college and pro football season's just given that you really gotta show your experienced nail these weeks. I think. College, especially it's like the underdogs. You know, these big favorites. You know, we've talked about it in the podcast week ago with Brad Edwards, like the percentage of all these top four teams. Like we're all talking about chaos in areas where there's five hundred like it just doesn't happen. And at some point clemson's gonna lose or were these other teams and sure enough. We saw Georgia lose last week, so it doesn't happen and the NFL's different. Like we think we know everything, but I forget which quarter which coach coined that phrase of the NFL's into quarters. And so we're through the first quarter and it's, you know, week seven ish week. Six is sort of where you just start to really have some head-scratching results..

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