President Trump, White House, DOD discussed on Mark Levin


An iheartradio station. Lawsuit filed. I'm Lisa lacerra, Fox News. Sixteen stays filing. A lawsuit challenging President Trump's declaration of a national emergency at the southern border. Just the latest legal action. That's been taken already the group. Public Citizen has filed a lawsuit against the emergency declaration in DC district court more than half of the eight billion dollars the White House identified to build the border wall does not depend on the emergency declaration. The one point three seven billion dollars from congress can be used immediately. As can the six hundred one million from the treasury forfeiture fund and money already in the DOD's counterdrug fund reprogramming two point two billion dollars in the DOD budget into that counterdrug fund will take a little longer John Roberts at the White House. Venezuela's disputed leader, Nicolas Maduro rejecting President Trump's call for a new day in Venezuela, and for him to step aside, comparing the president's speech this afternoon in Miami to that of a non say President Trump again saying the US stands behind opposition leader, Juan quite oh. The victims of last Friday's mass shooting in Aurora, Illinois. Are remember shooting victim Thirty-seven-year-old? Josh pinker, texted his wife, telling her I love you. I've been shot at work and we lift up prayers for the families of Clayton park and Trevor Wehner Russell buyer Vincent Perez before others killed Friday at the Henry Pratt company. Where local religious leaders gathered and prayed today for the victims, including five officers hurt. Investigators say the gunman opened fire with an illegal gun after he was terminated now, leaving some local officials to launch a firearm owner ID compliance database, try and make sure it never happens. Again. Fox's Jeff monosso in Chicago. Teachers unions in West Virginia calling for statewide strike beginning tomorrow over an education Bill they view as retaliation for a nine day walkout last.

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