South America, Fort Smith, President Putin discussed on Morning Edition


And this is NPR news When President Trump spoke, alongside President Putin in Helsinki he undercut the work. Of his own Justice department the probe is. A disaster for our country I, think it's kept. Us apart kept us separated there. Was no collusion at all Trump's embrace of Russia and attempt locations this afternoon on all, things considered from NPR news It's all things considered airing beginning at four thirty this afternoon Good. Morning I'm Noel king in, one thousand nine hundred fifty three the. Town of Fort, Smith, Arkansas, outlawed dancing in. Public on Sundays the mayor said Sunday dances endangered public health it became known as the footloose law after the Kevin bacon movie about. A teen who moves to a town where dancing is forbidden And then most people. Forgot it existed a resident, recently alerted the city director he introduced. To repeal it, was, unanimous, the people of. Fort Smith can kick off their Sunday. Shoes it's morning edition celebrating three decades pulse of the planet here's it program from our archives We're listening to. The sounds of the. Red footed tortoise they're one of many species of turtles around the world that. Are being threatened, by extinction I'm Jim Mitzner and this. Is the pulse of the plant Michael Clemens is director of turtle conservation for the American Museum. Natural history read for the, seven hundred by peoples of South America for generations really. Minimal impact the now I'll be in many large, cities and South America and, the Catholic church, as pacified tortoises as fish so proud. Of holy week there is a tremendous collection of red for the tourists all over South America is, much more sophisticated methods modern ways of transporting tortoises thousands of tortoises collected and. Into the cities for. Consumption his America what was once a small, cottage industry now becomes mechanized and, sophisticated urban market for them and. All of a sudden being removed a numbers that can. Possibly replenish lesion they can't be replenished is that turtles have a relatively long lifespan but. For a species, to survive they need to continue to breathe And lay eggs over thirty to fifty year period now on. The face of large scale, commercial exploitation the outlook for the next generation of turtles. Looks grim we have to devise programs local peoples, can continue to hunt and, fish turtles turtles, are replenished we didn't need the people. That are. There on site to see an absolute economic benefit to conservation because people are gonna have, to share world they just want to sort of make the apportionment old at. One of the turtles. This archive of programs part of our thirtieth,.

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