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I mean squarespace for like a bunch of. I'm always making websites. I come up with me in the middle of the night. We can't trust website. Right. And I'm working on it. I made my website with them. And then, you know, and then I realized why I don't know. I have a website to me. But I like felt like I needed one. I'm with business yet. They need a website. And then when someone asks you, why do you have a website, you really can't? But it's all for later. Had there for something. And a person is like what's her deal? You send the website you need a website everyone. Everyone needs. Lipson? I don't know if I kept my domain, but I think I need to go. Daddy, use toasts. I will use code toast, again, my website back and running. And then I'm just going to have an entire the front page is going to be yelp review of the road in here. Just Heather McMahon dot com. Go straight redirect to the yelp review review. Here's the thing to and tell me if I'm like, if I did the right thing, I posted the photos of the stains yet, I tag them in it. And I'm really I have worked in 'cause we're service. You have to realize I've worked in so many restaurants. My entire family were for the airlines like I understand hospitality. That is why I have zero tolerance for the Phil. You did the right thing. It's not like you've got there, and it was Janke. And so you tag them for being Janke like you give them so many chances and that was the last straw. And at the very ready on restaurant. That was not every day. You got to stay in a hotel room that has a restaurant teaches. I don't know what you're complaining. Craziest part and the rest was so funny. We're being so funny honestly moments like that like when you're at your lowest are the best creative. Really really really really test your relationship, and if you can get together, you can really get through anything. I see someone at their absolute worst. I Jeff lived at me this morning. And he said he was like, I'm so sorry. Like, he was we could've moved to a different hotel at any moment. So stubborn, but he was so stubborn. He's a talion from New York. He was like, no I'm going to let them know about it. Like, why don't we let them know from the comfort of the Ritz Carlton tonight know, exciting and. Shows to where like if he needs to bitch about something like we can never sent him to the front desk because he liked passive aggressively mumbling under. I'm like make contact with the person. Hi, ma'am. I know it's not your fault. You didn't personally stain my sheets. We have a conversation about how to rectify the situation. So fun accepts me. And Ben like, let me talk, but really bends much better. I'm like, yeah. That's fine. Fucking bitch like know miss if we could actually just coordinate some other plan now, I'm just like that. Let me take. And I'm just Just like. like the worst deal yet. I'm so like Dennis like, I got this. Right. And then you mumble under your breath. It's like his passive aggressiveness is just like to another level. I'm like, you're not helping me by till like literally saying as you walk off like Our hope. this. And then the fire alarm, and then I'm like dead. And then the like we had chicken the footage on. Oh sorry for your child's. Well, we're glad you're here. And we're gonna on here here. I just got a dermatologist until Sierra Monday. Well, Heather is here. And we are here to deliver the fast five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite editor morning toast. And there's some rather till leading stories to rather than leading..

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