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Was that like eating els in the way that you eat a w j mr i actually think l. It'd be a lot easier. Because like the w would be difficult. Because you'd have to kind of like seesaw. Your way through but the l. would just be to maybe three bites up up the ladder so to speak anyways. I i was really leaning towards giving it a five and then i was like. Rj is going to be like stopping neutral. So i'll towards the way. I'm feeling and i'll go with four as did. I'm just not yes for for that. I'm just not feeling. I'm not feeling happy about it and i'm like it's just kind of a scary. How are they gonna figure this out factor for me. So i am also at shoutout to tony and meg team. Force obviously wins tom. Sorry i mean and look. I hope we're wrong. But i wouldn't say but most of the evidence suggests that this is a bad idea. Now again cowboys your high on him. They believe he had a great off season. They believe he put in the work. You've got strong etc And that's what alex says right now. I thought everyone's excited about steals. Grow since you've got so much work after coming in last year what happened to change. Everyone's mind alex. I think the answer to that is this is. This was not something you wanted to rely on. You know what. I mean this was. This was like when you're a kid. And you know you've got your pokemon battles going on all of a sudden. You've actually got a gamble. The ones that you hold near and dear to your heart. You weren't ready for that. You know what i mean. It's an emotional ride that you are not face head on i totally. I think you know tony. Tom and make all the great. We all believe in steel's potential future career. He's an undrafted free agent his second year. You know in the nfl. It makes sense that you would experience growth but to have to smash the glass here in week. Two against one of the nfl's better pass rushers is why we're panicked. Would you agree tony. One hundred percent. I mean like it's it's. I'm looking at tarrant. Steel as a whole and if i see him out danced a collins. It's nervous be. It makes me nervous. 'cause it's it's definitely a step back you know what i mean. It his potential what he's projected to be that's well and good but right now is what we need them to be. Come sunday right. And then you look at the match up across the field nica joey bosa who is one of the most feared pass rushers in the league and you look and you don't love that opportunity you don't love that scenario in front of you and it's nothing can start stealing. His development can be great. And we're gonna find out just how far and how you know strong. He's been working. Come sunday you. Just don't love. The matchup gerard s nice. Honest and hardworking individuals can be bad players. That is very true. Unfortunately all too. True and greg honest hard-working guys really all. I can say right now. Tom you touched on the run game. So we'll give ten still a break Which will be a sentence that joey bosa likely won't say five days from now but People were really upset that the cowboys do not run the ball more like like gonna purely quantitative sense we. We live in a day and age where we can send robots to all sorts of planets. We can have face conversations with one another. You're you've got a friend or a significant other at the grocery store or they're shopping for something they can ride away. Show you what it is you know. We got apps that can measure you for suits for crying out loud. We got all sorts of levels of technology. But tom people are still saying that. The number of rushing attempts in a football game matters in the year. Two thousand twenty. The cowboys had sixty a lot. Came off and zeke. Had one really good one good run. I think we a first down. The brunt was simply not working. It wasn't to the point and never going to work. Even if it was it was it was never gonna work in that game and even even though killing more called of a very small number running place dat checked out of twelve of them at the line because he saw at the defense had in realized that the past was the better option. He got four hundred three yards. Passing and three touchdowns dat was cooking. The running game wasn't and his kellen moore yards yard. We we need to quit getting so wrapped up about whether they're running yards passing yards. You just want to move the ball down the field. There's a lot of ways you can use screens. Short passes to substitute for the run game to be the the ball control offense. It people seem to think. And yeah you know. I don't have enough time to go into the whole fallacy of the. If you're if zeke. Rosa ball twenty five times a game. They win the game. It doesn't work that way. Zeke will run the ball twenty five times because they are winning the game handily in their handing it off the him to go ahead and get to the final gun quicker. Tony i as i'm sure you all did and everybody who's watching and listening did on the blog on the boys youtube channel by the way. If you're just joining us we will do these. Every tuesday throughout the regular season several. Bt's will sit around or have a glass you know. We'll talk about our dinner plans. We'll also discuss what the dallas cowboys have done are going to do what the nfc's looks like. The nfl is kind of a chance to to catch up. On a lot of things we will podcast these conversations for us. Well subscribe to the blogger devised podcasts. Now or wherever you get your podcast but but tony i again Everybody is here listening. Watching in some capacity had somebody in their lives say despite the fact that the cowboys lost by two points they they just need to run the ball more next time. Why if if they ran the ball two more times is greg. Make us feel your. Does the score change. If the cowboys run the ball more. This is tom called it a fallacy. But is this the most annoying narrative going on with the couch nationally. Right now. I mean without question. I'm not a proponent for just in your head into a wall and just you know and what did they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If it's not working right if it's not working. There's no reason to just continue to do it. That game dictated exactly how the game should win right. We're right down the end deck. Let it down. Trusted greg's are aligned to make the field goal. He couldn't make all we take the lead in. Unfortunately tom brady with too much time but to be to decide that they didn't run the ball more. I mean realistically. You're looking at a elite front seven and like tom mentioned dak checked out a twelve run place so that means they did call them. Dacca's made a smart better decision in the in the moment you know he read the you read the defense. He looked at the pre-snap read and he made a good call. And guess what some of those you know. Quick screen passes that a gopher six seven yards are runs. The designed runs..

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