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And share us here. ESPN LA fasttrack rolling on shea. It's to you false check. All right. Last night, was the NBA draft. We saw you know, I no surprise to me was how Bobo fell we just got word the taco falls on the Celtics. Sorry taco. They're terrible. Yep. And I feel like the Lakers miss an opportunity with that. We, we want tacos like. I would have been so good. Good such a good point. There goes that, and now we got RJ, they're going to the Knicks courses I go into the pelicans. Now the pelicans just got a bunch of hot players ladder, south. Yup. Who do you think has a better opportunity to win rookie of the years? I honor RJ berry or will it be the field? I will take Zaylon my second choice would be Zion on my third choice. Is I on even with Brandon Ingram demanding the ball Zay on Momo? There is this weird. Maybe RJ Barrett thing, there's nobody kind of thing John Mirant could be dumber, because he's going to step right in there in Memphis, and he's gonna play the most RJ's a score though. So I feel like they may not get anyone in free agency. They may like it maybe million dollars don't know what to do with it. So the big thing Zion has a four letter name that everybody will know and everybody will remember. It's like that's another another really interesting. Everybody'll. No joh- having a unique. I nee that help, I think really build your stardom. So I think that's part of it also think, Zion, is going to have coverage more coverage than any rookie. We've seen in a long time. So I'm on Syon there. They've been with RJ being in New York. Yes, they're going to try to pump like he's the greatest thing ever have nothing else. Mama yawns ion now with our Jay. RJ stand for because Zion they're going to go so out of their way to not put too much pressure on him into lean on the other guys. That's drew holidays team, right? Okay. Diane is a rookie who they're going to try so hard not to ruin. But imagine they're picking, and also. Yeah. No, I think science going to be a superstar fast Chack mobile, like, okay? You want to fund one or serious. What's on more fun effort Friday? Okay. Damian lillard? Yeah. Marvin bagley. Thank you. Thank you got into a little rap beef, the other day, Marvin Bagley junior, the third whatever he is. I think he's a third third..

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