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So this should be a fascinating show we're very fortunate to have him dr moses the phd he is the chief scientific officer of global alzheimer's platform a he worked at ally lilian company where he held several leadership positions including vice president of neuroscience early clinical development and a leader of the global alzheimer's drug development team from two thousand seventy two thousand twelve dr mode most received his ph d in psychology from stanford university and completed his postdoctoral training and pharmacology at stanford medical school before joining ally lilley well dr you're certainly qualified to talk about this cost of all your information i've seen a and i cannot tell you how much i appreciate your being here this is a um a significant issue in this country it looks almost like it's turning into an epidemic now in terms of the number of people that are affected by this so let's just start with your explaining what is alzheimer's people thank you carry amin alzheimer's disease is a disease of the brain it's a progressive condition in which neurons that is the cells that actually make the brain work they began to die for reasons that we don't fully understand we know that there's certain kinds of a abnormalities besides cell death that occur in the brain as as this disease starts you get these things called plaques their clumps of protein that shouldn't be there and it's we know what that protein is they usually form round the outside of brain cells the called amyloid plaques there's another feature called how tangles that's a different protein and it forms these kind of funny looking a spiral staircase like structures inside of brain cells and they're not supposed to be there either but the net result for patience is that they first of all they start to lose their ability to learn new things other memory goes bad they can't remember what the head for lunch yesterday or whatever as the disease progresses and more brain cells die.

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