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Catering. Dc concert too many of the too many hotel we have without saying names. If you count. Alan scott nine if you kill What's like the new one team lantern or whatever the comics. now there's nine people are curcumin. Earthling green lanterns. Okay like the sword battle. But can you can't can you count alan. That doesn't count. Alan scott was never remember the court no but they kind of tried to ret conned him into being like so. If you don't count that's fine. But if he declined but still she got how sean how john guy yup Count jade shades. Hap- human. well. Jason yes on i count j. Yes he's teaching how to now look at semester. He's just black. By the way i would counter. Jd's human okay if you count donald's daughter so that means you have to count alan. You can't count alan. Because kyle gives jada ring all right but if she ever a core member i can't remember but i said the green lantern say green lantern court. Okay then yeah okay. Allan allan cow guy. John jade coward. Simon jessica jessica and then lantern comics count. Count bruce wayne now because he was never ten hickory lender and he was yellow lantern darkest nights perry was a blue lantern embody all colors. And it's kinda like it's kinda. Like i think mark wade out will always mark waid made a lot of flash and that's why i think. Sometimes i get tired of speed though in the speech okay. I'm just get tired like his wants. Everyone we think how many speeches have been on the flash series. Both good and bad. They haven't even hit leeann. Hit johnny quick. Max mercury impulse. They're going to buddy all you'll see boss monster movie. I'll talk about later. But he i was like we should have gotten. This is like our introduction to hector like him and teaching them showing up to his apartment like they did. They should pull him out of class. Because i feel like showing him as a teacher really helps understand who. He is a little bit more. Yeah just flip it have him have his first freak out or whatever that has apartment you know kind of and then they pull him out of class and everything been kind neat is that they have made him to parallel the way r-enfield dracula on most where he's hearing his master's voice in his. He starts doing things. Almost you prepare the way r-enfield. Yeah as long as it gets that we're catholics in. He you know if if your frame is to build two parallel that we talked about the idea of alexis free. He's in the background conquering the galaxy. He's coming powered by yellow. You'll see would be meat instead of just having him show up here all. I don't really find hector that interesting. I don't want to chose him. And i'm okay with not finding villain interesting that they serve moral purpose to build to just hear more time. You know art hero has someone to fight battle but at the same time there was too much trying to with hammond. A love triangle. Thing of hammond farris and how life. Nobody would have preferred hammond to be like a weirdo but like rich. Well it kind of would have been good. If if carol admired hector's like intelligence maybe business savvy. Maybe he could have been a little bit more intelligence and and ferris aircrafts or something at. How was the dude that like was reckless in like play piano more cares matic kinda she. She wished that how have the responsibility of the heckler but she was to hector had the manhood. At how yeah. I mean it. Just underdeveloped. Tim robbins. Maybe one of those actors pops up and stuff like honestly other than This shawshank yup wasn't mystic river. I think the other thing..

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