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Can help you out. All right. Thank you. Gotta Danny, I appreciate you calling this morning. 8772134 Lewis are number this is Melissa Who's in Westmont. Melissa. Good morning Urine. How Smart's radio. The morning will love you. Love you love yourself. Thank you. What's going on? Um, I have a I have a new house. And our master bathroom. Come the faucet when I need to make the showerhead turn on the faucet like creaking and warbling. Crazy. Is that something we can take without having to call a plumber? Yeah, Maybe. Here's what I want you to do have have you showered yet today? No, Let's not forget our personal hygiene, even on the weekends. Okay, So when next time you're in the next time you're in there when you birthday suit, Does it screech right away? Or does it screeched like once it starts to warm up a little bit. While it doesn't scream till I pull the thing like if I was just taking a bath making no, no, no, no. But in other words, when you run the hot water and you lifted, it starts screeching right away. Right away and then occasionally a stop during a shower, But not all. So I bet the screeching is coming from the actual spout. So this is what I want you to do. When you're in there, and you're you know you're showering. I want you to take your hand firmly and cover the spout like you're going to block the spout. And so so no water comes out. If you do that, and the screeching goes away. You need to replace the spout. Okay? And just go ahead. Hold way once again. So now now we need to figure out what kind of spout you have. Ah, And you can maybe do this before you go in the shower, But this will be if you put your hand on the bottom of the spout. Okay, the bottom that you can't see and you go towards the wall. If you feel a little like cut out on the bottom of the spout. Like a little way where it's notched a little bit. There is an out there's an Allen wrench. Screw that's up in there. That if you have an Allen wrench for you, Khun, borrow one or get one. Whatever you're gonna unscrew that, and then that spot you're going to kind of twist it and pull it and come out and you'll have a copper pipe sticking out of there. I'm gonna ask you one other one question. How old is your house? Up for it was built in 70 thick. Okay, so chances are what I just described is what you have. Now you're going to take that spout to the hardware store and you're going to say hi. I need one of these. And they're gonna hand you one of us and you're going to slide it. You're going to slide it back on and you're gonna line it up and you're gonna tighten that screw And you're going to take a shower and it's not going to screech anymore. I'm going to be super happy. But then I want you to one other thing when you're there by a little what? What color is the tile? White. Bye, little squeeze tube of silicone. Ah Bayelsa crease tube of not silicone latex. White cock. Okay. And then after you set that all up, and we confirm that it's not squeaking, and everything's great and you have to hear the whistling anymore. You're gonna put a little bee to caulk around that just the water doesn't get behind it. Okay? And I'm glad my husband will think all of this downstairs so he can do it. Right. So the key The first thing is, is ah, is that that is if that little gap That I talked about on the bottom side is not there. Then that spout maybe unscrew Tze from So long. But they'll still have a replacement spot for you there, too. Okay. Okay. So give that a shot and you should be able to fix it yourself. Congratulations on the new house to you. Ah, I appreciate you listening to the show. It's 9 30 in the morning when we come back It's our just text me segment. So if you want to send us a couple text messages will answer those after the news, But right now it's time for WG and radio news..

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