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Of Idaho go Vandals and UC Davis have been studying what microbes are in wildfire smoke that we end up breathing when the hazy brown layer chokes the air during wildfire season. They used to drone capture samples of the air over Idaho when it was inundated with smoke from fires in eastern Washington and Oregon last September, the scientists say the diversity of microbes they found was quote, mind bending. And much further study is needed to learn what the long term health impacts are from exposure to wildfire smoke and the trillions of living microbes that get down into our lungs. The goal is to be able to accurately forecast where wildfire smoke will go what specific health hazards it poses and what people in its path should do to prepare beyond just staying indoors. The research published in the journal Science. Public testimony turned argumentative over a bill in Olympia about groups openly carrying guns and acting in a manner considered by some to be threatening Como's Sue Romero reports. The bill prohibits three or more people from displaying weapons in a way that could quote lead a reasonable person to feel threatened and could result in a criminal mischief charge. More people wanted to testify. Then lawmakers had time for but one exchange stood out Bill supporter and African American woman Lynn Idaho's a got into it with Republican representative Jenny Graham, who said that she isn't Recognizing when other groups may feel threatened. Here's Idaho's Oh, so you agree that white people is what you're saying Kerry a K's in other communities of color for some reason, you characterize carrying Molotov cocktails. That's a very good, thank you structure that is not appropriate. Opponents, including some lawmakers, the N R A and private citizens argued that existing laws already addressed weapons and intimidation. To Romero. Come on, use what kind of sentence should a judge hand down when it convicted felon is also the victim of domestic violence. That's the question of proposed state law seeks to answer Come was, Corwin Hate explains the new House bill seeks mercy for women, mostly who commit crimes after being abused or as a result of their abuse. Bill sponsor, State representative Tara Simmons is herself a formerly incarcerated survivor of sexual violence. She once was jailed after attacking her abuser in the span of a couple of days. I had gone from rape victim too violent offender Kristina Jorgensen is another domestic abuse survivor of society, are we when we punish survivors for choosing their life, Russell Brown is director of the Washington Prosecuting Attorney's association. He understands many criminal cases involve defendants who are also victims creates enormous complexity and nuance. Under house Bill 12 93. The court may consider whether domestic violence suffered by the defendant was a significant contributing factor to his or her criminal conduct. Corwin Hey co Moh news and this is the second bill this session that seeks to mitigate prosecution of those who are also victims. Yesterday. We told you about a pending Senate bill under which ex felons can have their convictions cleared if they committed the crime, while also a victim of sex trafficking, prostitution or domestic violence. The pandemic has intensified mental health and substance abuse disorders. Suicide rates, for instance, are up for teens, along with emergency room visits for young people in crisis. Almost Carleen Johnson reports on how state lawmakers are responding. There are no nationwide or statewide numbers on suicide deaths and 2020 yet, But the stories are out there, and providers of hospitals across the nation are saying farm or suicidal Children coming in. Students shared stories today and hearing a state lawmakers considered a bill that would require schools to post resource is on the main school website for suicide prevention, help for depression and anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse. Dana Ibrahim is a student at Hanford High School in the Tri cities. Recently, My district has lost two students to suicide within weeks of each other one in my own school. This is an urgent issue it this is not just a crisis. It's emergency. They aren't getting the help they need, according to the 2018, a Healthy youth survey one in five students in eighth 10th and 12th grades. Considered attempting suicide in the past year. Carleen Johnson. Come on news, someone whose time 1 10 time for an update on sports from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk with Bill Swartz, who were the best Seattle sports stars of that challenging 2020 year. While coronavirus canceled games and dominated sports in the year gone by many athletes and teams excelled Seattle Sports Commission out with nominees for sports stars and best stories. Mariners Ale Rookie of the year. Kyle Lewis, Washington Husky defensive back ELISA Molden and Sounders forward Jordan Morris Among the male nominees, the female category with outstanding candidates as well, including Seattle Storm defensive stopper Alicia Clark and Husky softball all American Morgan Flores. New Seahawks offensive coordinator Shane Waldron says he's fired up to work with head coach Pete Carroll and quarterback Russell Wilson. Balance is the key word in the play calling vocabulary and it's gonna have that ability that oh, create explosive plays with that attacking mindset. You know, we want to be the one that the foot's on the gas pedal we're going. Waldron and Seattle's new run game coordinator Andy Dickerson, came over from the L. A. Rams and EA Sports says it plans to make a college football video game again soon. Moving forward with rosters, which include real names, images and likenesses. EA Sports Stop making the College version in 2013 Sports updates attended 40 after the hour Bill's words come Oh news come on his time 1 11 and just breaking in the last couple of minutes or so. Market watch dot com and G choir are both reporting. That Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is going to step down this year as CEO to be replaced by the head of Amazon Web services will work to get more information about this. I think their earnings call is going on right now, which is likely where this news initially broke again, though that's coming from both market watch and geek wire that Jeff Bezos is going to step down as CEO of Amazon. High profile member of Congress says she thought she was going to die when pro Trump riders stormed the U. S Capitol last month. The report from ABC is Rachel Scott. Overnight. Congresswoman Alexandria Cossio. Courts has detail in her terrifying experience during the capital insurrection for the first time, sharing the ha rowing moments she thought might be her last, and I'm fully expecting Um, one of these insurrection is to turn the corner with a gun. More than 160,000. Viewers. Tuning in to Instagram live as Ocasio Cortez described hearing a loud banging on her office door taking cover in the bathroom. I have never been quieter in my entire life. I felt that Um If this was the journey that my life was taking That I felt that things were going to be okay. Andre that, you know. Had fulfilled my purpose. Pounding at the door turned out to be a Capitol police officer instructing her to flee. After running to another building. She found Congresswoman Katie Porter. The two barricaded themselves in her office, along with members of their staff for hours and I didn't feel like I was okay or You know, secure in any way at any point, Cossio Cortez, comparing that day to another past trauma, revealing she is also a survivor of sexual assault, and I haven't told many people that in my life Mm mm. But When we go through trauma. Trauma compounds on each other. She says she is opening up now because she believes there needs to be accountability. ABC is Rachel Scott, famous private investigator is dead in California and his friends say he solved his own murder. A B C's Alex Stone has the story from California Jack Palatine. Oh investigated some of the biggest cases around the world. He was involved in numerous celebrity investigations. His client list included Bill Clinton, New brought him on in 1992 at 76 years old. Valentino is now dead, killed outside of a San Francisco home. Friends say he was testing new camera equipment. When somebody tried to take the camera, knocking Pala Dino to the ground, he hit his head and died. Two people have been arrested. His friend Mel Honowitz, says he was Paladino's camera images that caught the alleged killers, investigated his own murder and help solve it now, like Stone, ABC News come on news time. 1 14 time for our cold traffic update from the dupe.

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