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This is robert ross. With the matter. Welcome to another episode in my guest today. Is jacob grayson. vp motoring with bonhams bombs. Tenth anniversary sale is happening in scottsdale arizona on january twenty. First two thousand and twenty one. And we're here to talk about some of the great cars that are going to be going across the ramp jacob. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much robert. Not only is this the tenth anniversary of omsk annual scottsdale auctions. But it's obviously going to be tackled in a little different way since so much has happened over the course of the past year jacob but i guess i to set the stage for our audience since they are car enthusiasts. I'm certain that they know that bonham's plays a prominent role on the world auction stage. You've got auctions everywhere from goodwood to geneva from. Mata monterey certainly. That's the highlight of august. Get do private sales. I remember a great sale. At the inaugural rishard meal concord and shanti france. And you had some incredible cars there. One of my favorites a maserati boomerang when across the stage. I've got a lot of highlights bookmarks and my personal catalog collection that remained near and dear. I believe that where we dressed up in full on tuxedos indeed the auctioneer and everybody was senate tuxedo with at the gala dinner that night. That was quite a time. Of course now. I imagine a lot of the people attending this auction are going to be in their pajamas. Or maybe they're veterans slippers because they can be doing it from the comfort of their own home. I know over the course of the last year. I participated in some bonham's auctions art auctions and of course those have all been online. But what makes them interesting. And i guess what's going to happen at your auction please. Fill in the blanks. Is that you actually have a live auction here at the resort and spa with the cars on view. But it's actually going to be an online venue. Is that how it works. That is very much how it works. Yes we have viewing onside at the western kill and in scottsdale with all the right social distancing measures in place. Of course we feel it's important to offer potential buyers and bidders a chance to really see the cars and for test drive things like that. An old car can hide a lot of grim. Things is really important that condition and everything is up to par. With what the buyer will he or she expects. So we have feeling and we're doing that but that's not be because we'll be further apart and everything. We have to keep it safe. We're doing of course. Spitting will be online also via telephone and absentee bidding is also possible. You will basically on the day of the auction just like if you were walking into our tent and monterey or in monaco or goodwood as you talked about we do auctions all over the world and basically if you will walk into the ten you will open to your computer and you'll lock in and you'll see the oxygen near and we'll sell every car lot by lot with video for every law. We mailed out a cadillac to our clients who can follow along in that way. I guess a lot of practice auction goers understand that really sometimes the stealthy est and most successful way to place bids as over the telephone even if you happen to be in the room. It's nice to know that some of the standard mechanisms of participation will remain and really the only differences. You can be drinking your own martiniere lounge chair while you're actually buying that car. Let's talk about the upcoming auction at some of the cars that are in there at just because by the way these cars are going to go across the ramp. The virtual ramp on january. Twenty first doesn't mean that what we say about them isn't relevant into the future. Because we're gonna talk about some what i'd like to say eternally shining stars in the collector car orbit. I'm looking through your catalog here. You get some crates stuff. Jacob and i think if i had to put a title on this catalogue it would be festival of the fifties because some of the most interesting cars are precisely from that decade. He had some real oddballs in here to. Maybe we should talk about a few of those before we get to the superstars or your auction. Suddenly you've got everything from an austin healey to a hunch jaguars which are of course perennial favorites. But you've also got an elephant you've got fifty four. Curtis talk about a few of these little oddities. If you can starring where you left off the curtis is really a lovely car. I'm speaking with a client about earlier today. Actually who's interested in asked me to go for garappolo. Curtis was a southern california manufacturer of special s. You called them and they made a great chassis. Then you fit different types of coach coachwork on at it has an american. Be eight engine. They are eligible for many great events. Such s the cover state one thousand or the colorado grand. Actually some of them even randomly lomilia back in the day for me. Personally the fifties is actually one of the greatest eras of course. It's right before race. Cars became full on race. Cars and a road car was something else. These cars will basically race cars that you could raise new. Could also drive him on the road. It's sort that balance before the early sixties when the car is really were to harry to drive on the road they were only made for the track or vice versa. Somebody can acquire a very special and exquisite little body on this car but really acquire a real fire-breathing race car from the fifties estimate. Probably in the mid one hundred's right. that's right. yeah one thirty one. Sixty s curtis. it really ticks. The boxes you know it's eligible. It's a fun car to drive a powerful v eight out front edge. Great looking very sorta sparse. There's not a lot of creature comforts but that not the idea. It's really to go fast eddie. Shelby go broder understands what creature comforts or lack thereof is all about the currencies and lacking any more than that he got a porsche speedster in there to a beautiful little fifty eight red speedster. That looks like quite a car when a car like a major manufacturer product like porsche. Mercedes' jaguar. you want everything to be right. You want it to be exactly as it was when it left the going. Back in the curtis. Those cars got different types of engines and things on a car speeds. You want everything to be original. The beautiful each hall has the original bonnie number stamped in the doors in the front and the rear hood or bonnet an engine. Let you tells you that. The body panels original also. The engine is matching numbers so as to transmission. All that stuff you want to be right. We have a copy of the original bill sheet that confirms all of that so the car addicts comes in clean and it looks like it's got some pretty special stuff on too. I see some chrome rudge's on there. That are just gorgeous. Color is red from you with the tan leather interior. Everything on that car is as it was when it left sufa now since nineteen fifty eight and also which is quite important. It's a t two which is sort of the fully evolved. Fifty eight is the last year the speedster. The original three fifty six speedster. They started they came out in the fifty four fifty four. Yeah we're the fifteen hundred gin. And then they got upgraded to sixteen hundred and the upgraded the steering box the upgraded the transmission and other sort of cosmetic details on the t to and it makes it quite a bit more desirable than a t. One again they're just such iconic cars that are usable for any events this cars restored to the nth degree. Several hundred thousand dollars has been spent on the restoration and it was actually a very good start with like we talked about. It has to be resolved bodywork and all that but it's done really to the absolute porsche concord judging standards and they remain icons. I think a lot of times. What makes a corner. Valuable is three to four elements aesthetics engineering history and some romance aesthetics. Speedster is beautiful car and many people's opinion engineering. I mean it's a poor shirts well-built the on s. I would say they have a reputation of being maybe a little bit of a volkswagen but the nine eleven was a little more sophisticated but it still well engineered car and history. I mean they want raises back in those days. A lot of sports car drivers and racing driver started out in a car like a porsche and again the romance so they were the least expensive cars in the three fifty six model up when new these were.

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