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Olympics, Twitter, Nicole Shot discussed on Morning Show with Sean and Frank


All right here's a controversy broke out the olympics yesterday twitter attacked a german figure skater nicole shot as she began performing her figure skating programme to schindler's list of score the music from schindler's list the film my drain your free skate performance at the olympics last night and the the people on twitter went crazy no german should ever performed the schindler's list never again never forget the holocaust sought so forth first off schindler oscar schindler was german oscar schindler was a german hero that saved many jewish people and others thousands of lives grind so i you know i don't see it as a negative i think as he it as a as a positive but then again or can we saw what san jose you know the other night the us women team won the gold at hockey yes and then they are become energy was given silver medals one of the canadian players again a defence a woman named joscelyn law rock as soon as the silver medal was placed over her neck she immediately took it off and she was being slam for a lack of sportsmanship she now says she regrets i'll taking the silver medal off but it was in the heat of the moment she said you know it's just hard you work so hard you wanted gold you didn't get it again socie to apologize for that now so nobody in i understand that now not chart the heat of the moment as always on here though it's not like she took it off religious you know was used as a slingshot day at the guy.

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Olympics, Twitter, Nicole Shot discussed on Morning Show with Sean and Frank

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