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All I ever number I called Social Security today and No, they want Well, it's just a hard process to go through. They asked What security number I don't head, ma process. I don't even know what you're talking about. What process are you trying to go through? If you're filing your taxes, there is no process. You file our taxes, put down the social and send it in. What are you trying to do? That's the part. We're confused about how I need to make a change with their social security, like change the auto deposit. Okay, that she can't do any more that. How do I do that? You go online and do it. You just go online and do it. You can start a lodge in. She's the most like he doesn't have an online account. Go on and create one. You could do it and log on as her as long as you're with her. You could do that. Um I don't know what else to tell you. Or pretend you're her and go create one just right. You create you create an online account and you could direct your checks anywhere You want. Tell your smart device to play 6 30 k. How on I heart radio. Then you can hear news and talk that impacts your life, getting 6 30 K home from my heart Radio Denver's talk station available on over 2000 devices. Now. Impact traffic thiss report is sponsored by Envirotest Hair Care, Colorado. Let's go to the center of town where the ram from westbound I 72 South found I 25 remains closed for emergency bridgework. It looks like the North bound ramp is open. Just watch out for delays, right smack dab in the middle of the city. Also gonna crash off Highway on the North found side of Santa Fe at Iowa. Police remain on the scene best to avoid the area for now. And in the foothills drive. Watch out for eastbound I 70 between du Mont in Fall River Road left lane blocked on that stretch.

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