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All right on it Jim you mentioned you mentioned the course so book coming out right there's a big controversy going on with that right now was senator Thurman I I'm sure you know about that he wrote the foreword to the book and in a statement Thurman said that he agreed to provide the forward on the understanding the book was autobiographical and that now he regrets that it appears to bolster claims of a government conspiracy and cover up quote I know of no such cover up the senators said and do not believe that one existed end quote he may very well not you we were talking previously about senator Barry Goldwater yes not Goldwater knows that something's being covered up because when you try to ask about it he was cast out but if he had not ask about it he wouldn't have known and it could have probably said legitimately that they know of no cover up you know everybody up in Washington is not in on this everybody in the military is not in on this I'm not in on it I'm not either only outside looking in but there's been enough evidence this popped up over the last fifty years that I think that any reasonable person would have to say there's something going on is anybody would in fact this is fighting number okay heated gender may be just the ticket for people who are have senior photos or know people who have experienced and that really know and believe that there's something going on and the biggest problem I have is with their friends and relatives and neighbors who say are you know believe that you have most of the you know well this is the book to give to those people and let him read it cover to cover and then have a look in that day there's nothing going on I just don't think you can the you could do that if you were any kind of reasonable person all right let me warn you what we're about to do we're going to go to the phones I don't screen calls Jim I have no idea what's coming up so you're facing the general raw public bring them out here bring moderate east of the Rockies you're on the air with Jim Marrs high this is Dan Virginia how you doing great nice to your fellow Texan on the line you know I'm living in Virginia Hey like the tax amount of taxes that not the other way around absolutely I have a couple questions one have you had any personal experiences yourself we are not as far as I know give one one spree flow mentioned in the introduction of a book when I was a young kid and experiencing a real bright light that I thought was the landing light of an aircraft but there was no slam and I thought at the time is a little odd now still plays a lot but you know what I'm not gonna try to say what that was and so as far as I know no I have not really had any personal experiences okay next thing is every if you try to find a correlation between some of the profits profits these you know the Hopi Indians you know the Bible by and the Mayans and afterwards yeah I heard there is a surprisingly a surprising amount of consistency and some of those stories and legends and prophecies and I think it's probably like any other endeavor of my and I don't think you can grab one and say that this is the definitive answer but when you study all of them there seems to be kind of a general Outlander of what goes on in that is pretty interesting absolutely you know this knowledge I had to come from sometime in the past and so I tried some connection you know the sciences they had you know these are natives running around supposedly in our you know with no mathematics and so forth but yet they had this star systems mapped out reading before we were able to find them that's right and and I and all these ancient cultures you know when you ask the question was worded I learned all this almost without exception they say well the the the gods from this guy came down and gave us this information what about the one done around also and and then I think they saw it and hours probably about three four weeks ago had anybody yeah yes yes yes yes thank you caller young those something that apparently one from almost in toward Dallas I had a lot of reports about that all right and and listen I think that's one of the things that your your show is really doing a bang up good public service on our is because here here's what's really bothers me especially coming from the media as I do just the first of this year nineteen hundred ninety seven we're not talking eighteen history we're not well right now there have been some major UFO sightings in the Boston area in the Atlanta area in Dallas fort worth area right and of course now is mentioned both both Phoenix and yet worse the national media see a it's almost as if there's a news blackout on all of this now the local media we'll talk about it because there is some let me tell you something Jim I had a death Phoenix city council member on the air very brave lady dared go in front of the council and say shouldn't we investigate this this monstrous things that appeared above our city almost like ID for I mean it was just monstrous and they came down on her like a ton of bricks that's that's the mindset at work reinforced by the government secrecy and and I think it's just horrendous now the government is going to do what it does you know and into people people bother politicians local officials choose to follow him that's alright too but again nothing is worse the news media the news media wraps itself in the first amendment tells is this the watchdog for the public was wildly and I'll tell you what the problem is it's not that it's not in censorship or suppression of the individual editors and reporters out here across the country obviously that doesn't happen but here is the key to the control of the media art is in the control of the distribution of the information I watched carefully I've been involved in a couple of large national stories lately Jim and it is my absolute observation that god help the person who tries to get in the way of the way the American media has decided it wants to tell a story what what what occurred at Rancho Santa Fe was an exquisite example of that they determined in the beginning how they were going to tell it and by god don't let any facts get in the way of that I was astounded I mean you know I come your honor about same age you might be a little older than I am but I come from an era when you know when the FBI would come up to the podium and they'd say something it was like it was like gold you know that's right it was gospel yeah what the president said with the various agencies said even the alphabet agencies it was like gospel today it's totally the other way around when they come and say something about an investigation they're doing you can you should it almost assume the exact opposite that's right that's right very sad very dangerous and exactly and I think it's very reprehensible and and yet and yet that's what goes wrong and and his fault is it isn't the public that is certainly just over that become jaded and cynical or is it the officials within government who have been caught lying to this year after year after year too many times I I think I mentioned it in in the mobile okay land agenda if the federal government the United States was an individual none of this would have anything to do with the okay proven liar well I'm I'll tell you I used to be very very involved in politics that's how I began in talk radio and that was in my opinion in a day when politics was relevant but I look now at what they're doing in arguing about back and forth in Washington and frankly I don't see the relevance for the American people any longer the the argument seem our orchestrated and are great irrelevant and so I've kind of given up on it into something comes along that is relevant west of the Rockies you're on the air with Jim Marrs hello hello where where are you this is Pat in Phoenix good welcome thank you first time caller real excited have you seen her fangs in there but in the sky above your city wonderful source of frustration I believe them wholeheartedly I'm looking up all the time and I have not seen one yet you see coverage on local Phoenix television of the objects no I didn't there was very little and even the talk among people in France are well it was the airforce it was all kind of excuses there was nothing ever validating I believe slayers was the first explanation why or Terry flair right I read for calling with wall the rock going to the Roswell incident yeah I found of is it not possible even probable that our government had the encounter they had the people alien had the information that we are not ready you know what they're doing and I hate to give our government any credit but possible that they have kept a secret for that reason I met a lot of anger over them not publicizing not telling us the truth but yet they know they cannot tell and that the secrecy allies gone to extreme and a half well I think that's that's a good part of it because in my years as a journalist and newspaper reporter the higher you get and government bureaucracy the more you run into this attitude of I know what's best for the parole masses you know they're just too dumb to figure out anything for themselves and that is a very prevalent attitude and I and I was gonna say is there are you go the harder against and and I think there's a lot of that too I think you're absolutely correct and a lot of people say the only way to do anything about that is to throw them all out all the time but that isn't gonna happen incumbents are returned ninety plus percent of the time every single time so I'm just I'm sort of at a a point where I don't know what to do about it it what to do about the government how to make them come clean hi Frank I think they're they're they're what they're going to do is just eventually involve themselves out of a job because if you look at the last election for a twenty five percent of the Russia voters even bothered to vote that's right you know and so what's going to happen is I think eventually alive in our culture will kind of involved move all along and and they're going to be back there screaming Hey wait for us we're your leaders Jim do using time travel is possible yesterday but at this point I don't much think that it's possible in a physical sense I don't think we're going to be able to take human beings and hardware guns and food and all this stuff and transported back in time where I can see in fact from personal experience no because I've I've done some remote viewing on my own and I think that through the the technology of remote viewing I think that that is may be our best most immediate means of time travel well the classic question was always if time travel is possible where are all the time travelers right and I had an interesting character on the show a shawl never forget Terence McKenna and I asked him that and he said well they'll be here as soon as time travel is invented it's an interesting concept and under a minute yes first time caller line you're on the air with Jim Marrs high hi hello where are you I'm in Salem Oregon Salem Oregon okay go ahead I had a question for Jim to actually related questions are you going to speak up good and loud okay kick this up I can barely hear you I can barely hear him too so okay the better okay I'm actually up late here studying for a strong in the final that I have tomorrow morning and my my questions are if the government is keeping the such a.

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