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I mean but he can. He can outpoint him on the back foot and beat him. He didn't call him out. Listen this is. You can do that with his oral that. You're facing the elite the elites if you can outpoint anthony joshua anthony. Joshua isn't capable of off the ring. Domi and fucking knocking occurs away. Then he needs to retire. Then dan dan. That's the landlord hong back. That's the facts. Cry at that will ring and knock out. Alexander alexander use it. Listen by but he knock out a bunch of people like you know. It's like two people on his resume. He didn't go that are actual heavyweights. I mean but i get you. I like to to put in that pressure. Like you cannot gotta cruiserweight. Hang it up. But that's that's a bit as a brutal like that's no extreme. Like boxing is in about knockouts. Like you win. I mean well he ain't knock over we's who you know he bucks man as he would say no different running says that's running for only points for any punches and you just run the anez. There's sweet science you stick move. Aj to me to hold on. Hold on impress.

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