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Of the NFL's really, good guys aide Walter Payton man of the year nominee that is neat solar according, to Ben mcadoo not a, very good player but we, disagree. Good morning Nate how's it going man going on that came. Out of nowhere That statement, from GIO came out of, nowhere. You're having a nice conversation and then of course of unfortunately Right The former coach of the. Giants Ben macadear just come out and, say I don't think he's really that great of a player I mean that's I mean you're trying to. Do your job right I mean I'm, curious who was asking him really or whether or not he just he. Offered that them so I asked you, off the air the New England try to retain you We had some, conversations? Yeah we, had a very good relationship both Vilnai so right is Bill Belichick actually funnier than he comes. Off as during his his press conferences, probably more than his press conferences yeah Do you guys like in New, England when when he is doing his press conference and it's just so awkward and so hard to watch a lot of it on our show I mean do you, the players know exactly what's going on you actually, have a conversation or do. The, patriot parties have a conversation about usually much. More candid with us and transparent in that sense about how the game went knows her things and use a little more negative. But I never watched this press conference because of time, aspirin Absolutely nothing so I worked way, if it was, a punter for the patriots years ago Josh Miller said Bill bell checks the only man on earth who can m f you to. Your face and make you laugh at. The, same time so he can basically, tear you apart yeah.

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