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I mean, and it is cliche, but comedy is universal. You know, there was a great SCI fi film, Noah, one, three, four, two, something like that. I really dug that one that is not going to be everyone's Cup of tea. Find somebody who does not like to laugh. I mean, it just so does a universal thing. Speaking of art house Noir, bizarre films. A film that was not in my honorable mentions or my top three. I just need to talk about it to get it off of my spirit. But you're going to be nice right the team, but a team usually indicates more than one person. I'm not sure if there's more than one person involved in this. The individual team is coffee pot productions, and the film was turtle. Wow. This is one where when you see four Dadar film projects and we another festival with two couple years ago now thirty six chambers, the the blackbox collective or whatever, which none of those films seen China's was it thirteen. I was thinking of thirty six chambers. Is it. Is it long. One of those of looting album. Thirteen chambers, blackbox, collective super, super art house films done in these interesting ways. Turtle by coffee pot productions wasn't interesting. That I had no idea what was going on. It wins my WTI f. award for twenty eighteen, which is a new hord that the about review podcast is giving out. This is a film that just I have no idea how people can see this. I'm not sure if the team or person is on Facebook. But while green screens were used or a green screen, here's a tip. If you're using a green screen for any filmmaker, anybody in general, if you're wearing green and you were working with the green screen, it might not work out so. Well. Yeah. Just as I was watching this film. I just I was laughing because I was just I was entertained, but I had no idea what was happening. Maybe they meant that. Sure. That is. Being incredibly generous. Let me see. I don't like to speak a little bit dead. So I I, he only be nice but only bunked his head. And his genres fantasy. It did fit in the John rea-. But while it basically does a man becoming turtle or does he. The movie is insane. If you're really interested in checking it out, reach out to me, I will see if I can have a way for you to see it because it is. It is out there. So that was the winner by twenty eighteen title film twenty forty eight hour. There are so many numbers twenty eighteen forty eight hour film project WT WF award winner cuff about productions turtle. But to recap our top three choices and get all the links for the teams and the films will be in the description below Senator. Click on that. If we did not talk about your film, huge, congratulations and props for doing it. There were total of sixty one films that kind of up for the awards. And so those are the kind of the main ones that we focused on. Congratulations to everybody who turned in a finished film within the allotted timeframe. It just it takes a lot. So congratulations to you guys. So remind me of your number three Monte tripods Borislav and my number three is the final piece by black door collective number two. Number two is red sheds cheap passage. Puck at mine is ins to hustle by green banana productions. And you're number one. Your favorite film of these huddled forty eight hour film project 2018 is team knol wells Chateau to solitaire, and I realized that I said we just my number two, yes. Okay. Say. These changes mind team while. Sorry about that team narwhal, nor will you are my number two choice for Chateau de solitaire. My number one best of the city this year is insta- hustle by green banana productions. They took the theme. They took the character rain with it, huge props to them. That takes a lot of work. So yeah, that about wraps it up for our coverage of the saddle. Forty, eight hour film project. The other parts of this episode included a review for Christopher, Robin, and the darkest mind. Definitely check that out and it may or may not include some interviews with some of the filmmakers involved in the forty dollar film project little spoiler whoa, or potential spoiler or teaser teaser. I think Massachusetts, something like that. So yeah, Dodd wraps it up. Any final thoughts Dr Andy..

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