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So he can progress to be a better fighter. I think he's a good prospect. I enjoyed it a lot good sign for his own. Yeah. He's Dana to entertainer. And he's seems to have a following. He's playing to his Bainian heritage. Looks like the crowd is is there for him. He's selling tickets. I'm happy for him. We'll see what happens Sosa. He gets the win. We could only tell you. It was a win. We didn't get to see it. I'll jury on the other hand. Though, so one lobby. He wasn't live. I. That's right. You did see how that look. I mean, he was looking good. I mean, he was landing a good body shots as well following up from shot Monte little bit longer. But for my understanding he stopped his opponent. I think the Ponant quit in the corner. So his opponent was showboat and a little bit. He was trying to act like he was trying to frustrate. So so, but Sosa wasn't having it and eventually bullied his way in and just started beating them up, you quit in the corner of my my memory so grass on him. Chris Colbert was out there to show support. Bigger. Now, we'll be was in a building Murray. Soaker was there to there was press conference before that? So y'all on move onto that Chris verify he made tougher than I thought it had to be for him. Yeah. But you heard his excuse believe them. He needs a full training camp. Crystal jury had a lot of a lot of managerial issues he was sitting it out. He was trying to get out of the country, but he can who the name of the proxima Starbucks. Couldn't get out. And so he's dissolved and with star. So, you know, he's gotta get his feet wet, man. He's gotta he's gotta get some some fights under him. I don't know. Are they going to give him that over at design right away? Because it seemed like he was a potential Marie FAI. super FAI as Lenora was a potential Marie sokaia fight. We'll talk about later. So I don't know Jerry needs another fight. I always like, Jerry, I picked them to beat Roussillon. I picked him to beat pack Yow. I know he didn't be packed out. But I say it so that you know, that I still like Jerry, you know, what I'm saying. I thought that his right hand would do so in the pack. I guess not right. He did show yet a Jinmen. He got up six times. You know what I mean? Other people don't. So that's why I still fuck. I really really enjoy his boxing skill. When he first started that ruseler, he showed he had some phenomenal wheels wheels legs and boxing and having legs or a great defensive mechanism rush. She warned used it. But he didn't, you know, use the combination of the legs with fucking blitzing hands up. You know, just raise your hands a bit. And that's why rush she ate a lot of right hooks. But whatever getting off topic Yemen. Definitely, okay. Without juries performance. I understand what this is. You know, he says he needs a full training camp for the next fight. Let's he can get it. And do we see a difference? His losses only come to the top to the very best. You know, we sit here and criticize or excuse me, not criticize we sit here and debate whether or not you. Earl will be Crawford or not. So that's who he lost to Earl pack Yao. And who else Earl packed Khan, not one that? I like I wish I'll Jerry hunter Kon-ri meds down. I swear he gave my handle. I'm telling you. He gave all again doing that. I but. Yeah, man, whatever anybody else on the jury for we move once a month. We're going to say, Chris, Jerry. It was definitely known that. He did not look good at the Rena the crowd in like the scorecards. You know, he was getting hit a lot at that point. And Mark brillant was there. I was talking with Mark Brennan watching the fi. And he was like dude is getting hit a lot. Just chris. I it was shown that if it was a training camp layoff. You also does a lot of things he's a nutritionist he cooked people. I know does the boxing show about following that day. He was also in a corner view of C fi our at Barclays, So Chris juries definitely person who's involved in a lot of things. So hopefully play getting there. We're trying..

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