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Act Look them up and through. This there was the livestream in october of last year. They gave you support in the making of the last american. Do they not. Oh yeah absolutely So the last american You know i get to put my name on it. Because i wrote all the songs and and all of that but there are An army of people who kind of went into helping me create right. First and foremost is my producer. e w harris who Was also part of that holiday livestream. He's a great friend And he was a friend long before he was my producer but I met him in new york city in this kind of open mic scene and then later in what we refer to as big city folk which is a songwriter collective new york city and he became my one of my kind of great co-conspirators In in making his he's kind of He served champion my songs and was able to help me build this album With with the vision that we had for it You know there's dan saw he. He taught me how to play guitar. there is now connolly. Who kind of is at the center of the wheel at so many of these big city folk events Who's always been kind of a mentor to me Also great friend But yeah i found this community in this community kinda came together for me on this album And they keep doing it. And i adore them for it. And i'm there for them to still hack driven the collective. Yeah yeah I mean again. He runs he runs the show. And i i support him in any way that i can and really what he wants. People like me to be doing is is making music Which you know. That's that's what we're trying to do And and you know if we can sort of be a resource to other musicians. So they're kind of like private private facebook groups for for Musicians connected each other and Collaborate or or give each other advice. And you know. I'm i'm kind of. I'm on those forms as well has been more active Yeah i think. A lot of bands have been struggling with kind how to reinvent their their presence their identity in a world that's that's all digital right and so they've definitely been conversations about how to do that And and who's doing it well and who isn't. And then the underground music collective has kind of gone out of their way to partner with venues in nashville to create Streaming shows And the converted. What used to be an in person. Showcase into an online showcase which a lot of off of venues have taken that route But they're just you know they're trying to create opportunities for for smaller independent accident and they're doing a great job. Allier track the little picture a us release with your south and repeat land made the unc fifty twenty twenty impactful songs from an impact on year list. How did you feel about that whole out. Yeah so ruby is. She's one of these. She's she's she's young one of these Songwriter that you find in At a at these open mics and song clubs in new york city and i met her at a big city folk event And she she's a great guitarist and she has youthful beautiful voice And i had written this song. Little picture about a lot of things. But one of the things i've written about was just sort of like generational reef right this. This idea that a lot of friends who were either becoming parents are trying to become parents or struggling with the idea that they were now parents might. This was the stage of life. I was then. I read the song and you know it's a hard thing and i think a lot of times. We don't get to acknowledge how hard thing that is And i'd heard ruby singing these songs like so many of us do about kind of the complicated relationship that we have with our parents And so when it came time to record this for for the album I wanted to bring her in. Because i just i think. Her voice is a great counterpoint. to mind It's like it's almost the polar opposite character. The her voice has relatives of mine. But also i think it like sort of added a different perspective right like she's singing the same lyrics than i am But because it's her voice in because of her music. I think it gave the song sort of duality to perspectives. Being sung into the thing at the same time. And i think that was a really special Track because it's also one of the ones on the on the record that has the least amount of production right. It's really just just an acoustic guitar. our voices and a very very subtle kind of electric guitar. Piece sort of floats over the background. Right and that's it whereas there's other songs on this record that have a ton of tracks a ton of instrumentation a ton of this thing's gonna flying at you from from different directions in the song was just as a stripped down his naked as we could as we could bear On this record so From from From composition of view. I just i just love being able to get her voice on their inhabit. Means something to me and also the she makes song you know. I think it's it's just that much more beautiful with with her on it And for for for the Declared as one of the fifty most impactful things that just you know this is my debut record right and no one. No one has really consumed a lot of my music before now And said to be on any kind of this. Like that is is really. It's really moving Right because you know the second anybody's like a cool check this out You know it's one thing that's your friend but it's another thing when someone saying it's like no in a difficult year. This is one of those songs that we turn to Because they matter to us and so that like what else. Could i ask for as a as a as a writer as musician. Condition coming up for listening to attract rave very brooding all toke track. I can tell us about about.

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