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The ruling. The U. S Transportation Department is reimbursing Oklahoma $17.6 million for the cost of repairing roads and bridges damaged after storms and flooding in June of last year and also from May 2017, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao says. A total of $574 million will be used to help 39 States and Puerto Rico. From the Katie. Okay, whether summer and the forewarned storm team it'll be sunny. Today we'll push into the upper eighties and then tonight we'll drop back to the mid fifties. Tomorrow is the first day of October and it'll be partly cloudy high in the low seventy's. Those will be in the mid forties tomorrow night. I'm Jacqueline Scott News. Radio. 1000 Katie. Okay, news on demand at Katie okay dot com from use Radio 1080. Okay. Oklahoma's first use Have you been laid off, furloughed, permitted to resign, fired offered early retirement or a buyout? Because this virus affected your continued employment. If you think we're just four wheels and a grill, think again. Jeep Grand Cherokee redefines freedom. What really makes cheap. It's finding the perfect balance between luxury and adventure without ever compromising, strutting across the country to see your family to make new memories. So what makes Jeep You do cheap. There's only one registered trademark of the USA LLC. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention mission is to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide. This year, the FSP National Capital area chapter is hosting activities for you to safely connect support. One another and share stories and lifesaving resource is through the Washington, D. C. Fairfax, Loudon and Manassas Out of the darkness experiences no matter what your connection to suicide or mental health struggle. Ls registered for an out of the darkness experience today and learn more at f s dot org's slash fight suicide I heart radio goes one on one with George Strait to discuss how creating music is a part of his DNA. Music is always you know, if I'm making a record, it's the most important thing at that time, and I'm always thinking trying to find song ideas. I've.

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