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I mean that's what helped with your might help you with the helicopter. There's a really cool. I'm sorry I brought us down to this level Syria shortcut where you can talk to. You dingus and you say hey dingoes. What's overhead and in a look for the closest Airplane or aircraft. You should try it out though it'd be funny because he was flying over your house. I'm not sure I like that. But that's kind of cool. Yeah I don't know like there was. There was one I went to look up the other day. I heard I was out walking in the neighborhood and I heard a loud explosion like much bigger than a firework and I thought maybe it was like a building demolition or a car crash or something inside went on local twitter. Because that's where like how they isn't it weird. Like where else would you possibly go next? I'm sorry you don't have next door. I mean I just the worst I can't. I know I stopped. No I won't do it now. Twitter's better twitter is less bad the next door even even during cove it still. It's still I think. Every it's Anna Karenina like everybody's GonNa have the worst next door for their own reasons so like for us yet. Still coyotes. It's still a It's it's still very very obscure racism and and someone stole my back on my next door. It's not very obscure racism. People will literally post like I saw black man walking down the street and they said no one was supposed to be in the area. It's pretty it's pretty upsetting I. I won't I won't look at it anymore. Show so I went on two hundred to find out what exploded and Alex. It's that metal the metal facility. That's across the river from the office and it exploded and they had to call a has met team. Yeah and it's it's shutdown. Oh my gosh yeah. It's like an EPA disaster parking now. This was like a week ago. No it's Jenner. Look Jerrell it was bad was like dudes in general iron in the whole you know like Monsters Inc. They want to twenty three nineteen Alexander before we started recording. I was a being being fan boy and talking about how I enjoy your work and I do. I feel like for me. You're up there with somebody like I said like Jia Tolentino or Isaac Chatanooga or Certainly David David Roth. Who's doing the writing that you enjoy and find compelling right now on the topics that you can just in general like who who in the media columnists who's doing work specifically writing you enjoy right now? You just mentioned a couple of I always although I really I think chocolate I'm like oh. My Gosh someone's got like never hurt. Hearing his name. My heart starts beating. He's like he's like the guy in inglorious bastards where I just don't ever want to run into this week. I think about that every time. Now something goal so yeah sorry. I totally totally for sure. I always love like tapping Profiles of people. I'm always like this is going to be a journey no matter what and I'm GonNa feel compassionate and I'm going to look at things in a new way Katie Weaver crushing it. I also like there's people that the post that I'm like really into home team like yeah. Monica has mortgage. It gives like represent. Volunteers did that was naming the style section. Now Still Philip. Bump will come in there to provide some context and a graphic that helps me explain something pretty well. Sometimes I think he or his editors are somebody has a good year for. That's the thing right yeah he. He'll he'll like sometimes. Just drop in with this thing to provide context for something. I need so much of that right now and I feel like they have a good year for knowing when to hop in and give context. I also like I really love reading criticism. I really missed Roger Ebert. I'm like where did he go? Because I would always know like like whenever I knew what I thought about something. I would always want to see what he thought about it. And I'm like this is sad but like us Ryan McDonald fills that void a little bit. I she she's awesome crushing it and I dunno for laughs. I still subscribe to the Schechner chapter from Daniel elaborate. So that's what is so. It was like they rented the toast. Daniela Oh yes. Of course. What if what if phones? I miss the toast. I'll give special place to nothing beautiful. It's but yeah I really appreciate it everything that it did and I'm glad to. I feel some of the great. Some of the great like sentences like great pieces but sometimes it's the sentence you can't get out of your mind only brought speaking of people that I'm like. I appreciate the time like all of the way. Clean all the things it feels like it should have existed in the world and just like. It's just so perfect. I always like to twitter. And you Google search alley brush numbers like thinking of album. Brush really appreciating Allie. Put their. She's doing okay. Yeah this is really random but I kind of feel like this is during Cova lockdown that I discovered apetit kitchen and I kept hearing about it from my friends and I thought Oh my God. I'm already such normal dad like I don't need another thing like that in my life but I instantly imprinted on that show and those hosts and like to quit the big Lebowski you know. Sometimes there's a man sometimes. There's a man of his time. The kitchen really fill the role. I didn't know I needed in my life. That combination of those these new friends online now and they're each different and like a super team and the One lady like we just made her the Baking Lady. We just made her Biscuits her for. She's I'm sorry we just made her Biscuits and but like I love all these people and they're all different. There's guidelines pickle things that combination of like nerdy supergroup each got their own personality that I feel way about twitter. We're like well. It mostly all sucks except for my little friends. Who Don't know me and I love them and like I don't need them to know me and love me but I'm so glad they're they're in every day. I love to just go check in. Just David David Ruffin particularly just his taste in what to re tweet like what to say about it. Actually Feinberg I mean Taylor Lawrence. There are people out there who like any other moment would their job of been finding. Sebastian Gorka Amazon wishlist. Like who does that? That stroke of genius so good man know the Internet can be good. Sometimes I guess let's assume the cast. What a brave volt stance. Thank you for your happy. Father's Day.

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