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Best it's forty seven minutes past the hour now it's time for Bloomberg opinion David Westin spoke with opinion columnist Carl Smith about the US China trade war informed perspectives and expert David driven commentary on breaking news it's time now to check in we're joined today by columnist Carl Smith to Karl you have a piece on the Bloomberg saying that the US China trade deal just got harder why well I think that the the sort of scandal with the NBA sick added another dimension or at least elevated another dimension and sort of US China relations and that's the extent to which China is using its market to exert sort of soft power on US corporations I'm sorry that the markets today are sort of it heartened by the fact the chances are gonna buy some more soybeans and maybe there will do a halfway deal does that give you any pause that maybe we could get at least a partial deal we could I mean the reason I think that it's unlikely is that adding this extra element makes it harder for trump to agree to a partial deal so the only thing he really has in his pocket is to sort of take back the tears that he put on there's almost no way he could get any sort of like major deal through through the Senate and and to do that successfully he's got to say that he's doing better than TPP what right he's addressing you know some issue that it's not and so he's trying to make a big deal of the bilateral trade deficit and so he's going to do something about that maybe that piece of it could be represent a little bit in China's agreement to buy more soybeans are by more agricultural products but it it doesn't do anything to address this latest issue which is makes him look soft on China and that's that's where the political angle it comes in he's got to look like he's he's taken a hardline like these these terrorists that people have been paying they've been hurting American industry are worth it they've achieved something that couldn't be achieved otherwise and it's hard to say that about a small deal Kerr Smith in your column you raise a really interesting question what will Congress agreed to when it comes to China because they're sort of bilateral support for the notion we have to reform our trade relationship but if you were a partial deal as a possible the president could put that through without the need to Congress if you just look at the posters I've got some concessions we've done that in the past and we threw managed trade with Japan yes I mean you can do he can't do a small deal just by taking off the tears that he put on so that's the center the unilateral authority that he has is to add on terraces purposely for like national security reasons rather national emergency reasons but the president can can move those on and off so that's that's what he can do for tiny deal so as we look into this a round of negotiations thirteen thrown out coming up starting tomorrow what do you expect to come out of this so I don't expect much right so I I just you know things could change it's it's hard to know how the president's gonna respond to impeachment sort of how the Chinese are gonna respond impeachment looks like the Chinese are taking a harder line against present as he looks weaker as he looks weaker voters he's got to take a harder line against China since that was one of his many major campaign kind pledges so I I'm guessing that it it comes in not in people say look you know we have we're we're pushing this forward we're going higher tariffs and we'll see what happens later that was Bloomberg opinion columnist Carl Smith and you can read more on this and other stories from Bloomberg opinion at Bloomberg dot com slash opinion and on the terminal type in O. P. I. N. go and now let's check in with the Bloomberg affiliates to find out what's happening on the nation's most influential radio.

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