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Thing I want to say in the right direction was when Congressman Riggleman married a gay couple and put it in the Washington Post a lot of people in the Republican Party at first for like maybe this is a bad idea. I'm like no. This is really good and now it's time it's needed data. It's absolutely needed. I was literally like I remember. I got to write the article about it bearing drift and I was like yes finally we have Republicans. Who were saying. You know. We're not GONNA fight the culture war anymore we're going to embrace you know the Lgbtq community and we're going to say we love you re except you and we value and that's what we need is to accept every single person. I don't care if you're black or white or gay or straight or Jewish gentile. I don't care who you are. The conservative message matters a free markets and free people the message that you should have the right to protect yourself from someone who wants to take your life or property should matter to people. And that's so I think about the good people like dinner. Riggleman I think about you know the good guys who are running like Glenn Davis who you know Glenn's my body because we have some conversations about you know how we can move this party into the party into the twenty first century by not talking about this. I was having this conversation with Glenn last night. We've been friends for four years and I don't know Glenn Davis goes to Church because we don't we talk about economic issues and we talk about you know how to make the economy better and honestly. I could care less where you go to church. I care that you care about free markets and free people so I'll just say this just to wrap up the segment speaking as northern Virginia Liberal Democrat. I temporarily displaced in Arlington. Hopefully if we ever really this quarantine I can move down to Richmond. But I I will say this I don't believe one. Party rule is good You know the Democrats have the TRIFECTA right. Now we're going to have a little bit of fun with it but ultimately I really believe that we need to have a healthy two party system in this country In order to have productive dialogue. So on that note. We're going to take a break when we come back. We're going to go off topic and we're going to talk about something other than politics and we're back Matt. You are from Roanoke Virginia and that is your hometown and you really like to tell us a little bit more about South West Virginia. So let's talk about that for for a bit. What do you want us to know about South West Virginia? So there's this really interesting fact that when I tell it thrown to northern Virginia people they are so bizarrely thrown off if you are standing in Lee County. Virginia you are.

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