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I'm not really interested in. Why on that I'm more interested in what you're doing and what you're going to do to help, you know, get the charter committee kind of back in the game and moving forward. I know you're so passionate your small business owner Obviously your city resident, you're very engaged. In politics and Yeah, wanted it wanted to kind of get what? What's your vision? And how can the charter committee kind of, you know, really get back in there and get some influence. Yeah, Put it back into you know, we're not the greatest PR. You know, we're not in a great organization when it comes to tooting our own horn and but we are the people that are behind the scenes. You're talking to council members and meeting with the mayor and doing you're letting them know this is how government should function. But yeah, we wait. We have not had the influence like we did in our heyday. And it almost correlates with the when the strong mayor about 20 years ago, and, you know, really, it's almost that takes the major controversy like we've been saying Get it back into the line line. Unfortunately, while we know there's a huge opportunity reform is absolutely you know the topic of the day and you know whether somebody identifies with their charge right? Our charter friendly tartar endorser. Justin Independent. The construct is that we need transparent government. We need accountability. We need council members that are on Lee. Focus on Councilman being a council member. And you know, you look at It's one of the players that have fallen so far, you know they've had greater ambitions. You know they they're two offices ahead of their current position, everything for it, and that's a problem for me. I want somebody who Cares about all areas of the city. They're not talking about potential runs for X Y Z office. They are a city councilman, and there the mayor and that is the only job that matters. And we strayed from that. And you know, one of my biggest 10.2 is that you are council lectures right now are just they kissing babies and petting puppies process. You know, it's like a dating relationship. You only get that the best of the best in the smiles and the choreographic man, speak it and what we want is debate and we want questions that we want to know. Hey, give me your references because I'm going to call him because, you know, I don't want to know what happens the day after the election, who this person is, I want to know exactly who they are. And so we're charter needs to come in is we gotta ask the questions. That they have to answer. And even if it makes him squirm, talk with Matt would. She's the president of the charter committee. A greater Cincinnati. Um, but really a third party in the city of Cincinnati, you know, going back decades. Matt and will will there be, and I've heard this term used in the local political world. Since all this chaos has happened, you know, cross endorsement. Will there be some partnering with the Cincinnati Chamber or the Republican Party or even the Democratic Party? With charter to kinda get together and they forget about the partisanship. Everyone we need to. Hey, here's nine counsel for candidates, and here's the mayor that we really need to get together and Kind of get behind is that Will there be some of that, or I and look, I know everybody's got kind of their own, especially with Republicans and the Democrats. But Um, yeah, I wanna kinda want to get your take on that. Yeah, I'd love you know, speculate, right now we're still you know, Right now we're actually meeting on building our true platform. And if it doesn't ball cross endorsements, it's really not a ego or pricing. Yeah, we need our ponies. And only our ponies are our cars. We want the best of the best. And if it involves that there is somebody who happens to be You know, as endorsed Democrat or endorsed Republican. We're going to try and figure out what is the best way to present to the city. You know that them's a great about showing up at the polls and handing out the Democratic endorsed ticket. You know, my goal that we're gonna be at the polls and we're gonna hand out the reform ticket. It's not. Meanwhile, charter represents a brand of reform. I don't necessarily care that they have to say on the charger. No, I love that the reform ticket and I love I love hearing that. I'm up against the break, Matt, but I want to talk to you more on heavy back on sometime. Obviously, a big year..

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