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Cole choices juggling a young child and her job. Because of the pandemic maternity leave lasted a little more than a week. And then i was working harder than ever before makes your bookstore survive. Twenty twenty supporters say the fund would help working families deal with long-term effects of the crisis and could help reduce staff turnover but senate republicans site the cost for small business owners and note that many employers offer their own plans. The bill also opposed by the minnesota chamber of commerce a house committee this week while the minnesota house version is seeing some movement. It's unclear whether the companion bill in the senate will get a hearing. Louis dejoy the embattled postmaster general said wednesday. He's not going anywhere as he faces. Withering criticism of his leadership of the us postal service and calls for president. Joe biden to oust him that from political testifying at a house oversight and reform committee meeting. Dejoy said he intended to be around a long time. Get used to me. He said politico notes joys resolve may be put to the test soon as by nominated three people to fill open seats on the board that determines he posts pastors fate with that. Come see opportunity to get rid of dejoy. an election. washington's largest city aimed at making elections better reflect the will of voters is getting some new funding. Warn that from iraq taken off the center for election. Science is making a seventy thousand dollar grant to seattle approves and for other groups around the country seattle approves wants to change the city's primary elections so that voters select all the candidates they support rather than just one. Logan bowers ran for seattle city council and twenty nineteen. He saw voter struggle with the crowded field of candidates and thanks approval. Voting would make the process easier to candidates that have similar views. They don't have to worry that their votes going to be split and book candidates will lose and so the net was also that the candidates that make it through tend to be favored or approved by more voters. Voting reform groups were also chosen in the san francisco bay area austin texas missouri and utah. This is p. ns federal regulators have issued a preliminary permit now for a pumped hydropower project using water for blake powell but conservation groups say climate change could make that plan on sustainable. The project would pump water from the lake. Drain it downhill to a generator and send the power to massive batteries for storage. The twenty two hundred megawatt project would supply cities in arizona. California nevada over lines previously used by retired navajo generating station but gary wachner with the group save. The colorado says falling water levels will make the colorado river basin an unreliable source of water. Strider billion dollars worth of infrastructure in this late in the system that is clearly in severe decline. It's strange way to try to generate electricity murdered faster easier.

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