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Yeah and we'll get into exactly so I will tell us was example boy okay. It's hard you've been looking at it. I have the hard thing for me because I do love her but but she's confusing. I'm glad you said that I was thinking. She has to remind you of somebody in your life or in your past pass a while. You're treating her this way so I'm so glad you opened up and said it's you're talking about it. I had to really look yeah. Okay let's go to Anthony Syracuse. Hey Anthony which question. First of all Gina you look fabulous. Okay I was wondering if you communicate with anyone from the challenge or your season of the real world. How Koran fabulous did you know look fabulous actually from my season the real world which was in two thousand and four? I actually keep up with all of them except for one. What City Philadelphia Elsia? We're just went back. Yeah Yeah let's go to make from the Bronx same egg which one don't you keep this guy. Jay Okay Induce. Hey Meg. MJ He's out Gina. Okay and I'm wondering if you regret yelling Bronwyn or he's so find her noakes eight. Oh I definitely Bronwyn but I do think that I don't think problems a bad person. I don't think she's militias. She's I think she's really good for the cast and US as a group of friends. She keeps me on my toes for sure with all this stupid stuff she says okay. Good good a kyle from Washington Heights. Say Kyle what's your question. Hi I just wanted to know for Kerama. What hello yeah you know what was the funniest moment where something got lost in translation while you guys were doing clear I Japan? It wasn't anything that lost in translation. We all were so tall and Jonathan. Wears he'll so he would hit his head constantly. That's funny because their their homes were a lot smaller and we would laugh so hard he would get very mad at us. Also one thing lost transition in the Japanese language they would say honey and so we. You should think that everyone was like Antony Antony and we were like. Why is everybody saying Anthony's name so much haunting is like like sort of a phase in like well or kind of like the transition to the next part? Okay Oh the funny okay last Melissa for New Jersey. Hey Melissa what's your question hi guys. Hey just I want to say I love you.

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