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CBS sports radio. What's going on, man? All right. Thanks, guys. I'm a big Vikings fan. And with that Dallas win. I don't think it doesn't anything, you know, as far as the standards go for us. But things are really getting chippy in the NFC with five games to go on. And I had really high hopes going into the season signing Kirk to eighty four million guaranteed deal on bringing overdose Lippo and his offense to me has been really stagnant. And I just wanted to see if you guys think we have a chance that getting in. And if we do do you think we can do some damage? Well, listen, I I gotta tell you don't and we appreciate the call. I I. I like a lot of people I became a saints believe last year not a bandwagon guide. But it was hard not to enjoy what they did their squad was unbelievable. And they have dropped the for. Sure. I mean, they're it's it's, you know, they're not then. Then last year, and and like Dylan, I agree to bring causes in pay more money would think you're gonna get rolling here. I think they're playing the patch next believe in Foxborough. Good luck. There. The thing for me with the vikes that the thing that happened. That's most concerning is defensively. It's just changed. It's just you know, it's just not they're not the same. The last time you were out, and I was hanging out with moose. We talked to somebody from Minnesota was Neo. Ben Lieber former Vikings linebacker, bam. Benny. I said this. I've been waiting for the turnaround like where is their four game run that the Cowboys are curly on when is when is that coming and he said, it's still possible. But I can't predict these things I still feel like as I'm going through all of these different scenarios that would prevent us from saints Rams at the end of the NFC post-season. I still think the Vikings in theory are the best equipped to prevent us from that. But they have yet to play in reality to that level that. Exactly. So then throw the bears in and Khalil Mack. And now. The Cowboys did last night was really impressive. The follow up question. I don't think I'm being unfair is can they do it again? Or was down a perfect scenario in in a number of the Cowboys. Right. Till can can they do that? Again, if they were to play the Rams or the Saint and that game either way would be on the road for the Cowboys. So I still don't know like how different the NFC is a still think if I'm one of these two teams New Orleans or LA I still might be most concerned with the Viking matchup. But that might be ludicrous because the Vikings haven't really given you anything on the novel this year. But no. Things together. I think they could win a game on the road. I don't know that the bears or the Cowboys could in the postseason. We'll see because the Vikings as you said they're going to Foxborough on Sunday. And then if they played the patriots the following Monday on December tenth they gotta go to Seattle Seahawks. Yeah. So, and you never know Russell Wilson what you going to get because it's usually on point and at home as you guys know, they are tough so Dylan Vikings, you could be in trouble, my friend. I mean is there still shot? Yeah. There is. But you gotta I think he got a win at least one of these games on road. And I don't know if he could do it. You know, I I mean I'd love to see the Vikings beat the patriots. I'd love to see that happen. And we're gonna find out on Sunday. But that's going to be tough sledding. Seriously, that's gonna be tough sledding for sure. Back to this game last night. I really the Vikings, boomer. Party is throwing throwing offers around to go to this game. We hold onto somebody was I had someone texting me watch. Mike was talking about. Yes. So boomer and offered your friend. Greg G Nadi. Morning. This is boomer. And then there's also a gentleman here. I don't know if you've met him yet Robbie Rosenhaus place while you Barbie was was one of my several produces less than a week seems like a lot. Roberts. Good guy. Ravi. Also is a Viking fan and apparently boomer seriously for Greg. I'm not so sure seriously for Robbie but offered a helicopter ride what ten seats in a suite. On Sunday in Foxborough and your boy GO said, no. So the offers out there if I don't know if boomers brought it to your attention yet. And if you would go say a problem, but hold on let me get this straight. Yeah. So that means I have to get in a helicopter with Ravi Ravi is going to go over Robbie just me or I guessed just me. Okay. Do you wanna go alone? That's fine. Okay. Against boomer. I mean, he could land the helicopter my yard. I got got a pad their because I was going to by helicopter, and I decided not to so we put a pad cost-efficient. Yeah. And so I have a pad that that's what helped lens, and and it could land that they're just pick up. I'll come right about smoker cigar on helicopter flip over the whole of Minneapolis. Be grant sit there bummer. Only foxborough. That's why it's a helicopter..

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