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In the third inning. Runner at second. Nobody David freeze is on deck giants with a one run lead. Now. Holland Onta throws. And the slider is low and inside for all. One ball. One strike Holland gave up two runs in the first inning. To hitch to walks in that he had only issued one walk since then until the double here with one out in the fifth inning by Hernandez. Yeah. I feel this deep and straightaway. For Justin Turner and a pitch. Swing and a high foul off the right field line that will go back into the lower deck and onto ball in two strikes. Jerry common. Bent over at the waist told him the ball back behind his left hip reading the sign from Eric crash. The catcher. Why open stands for Turner, proud of the plate the one to pitch. Sprite three Crawley did it again. And now journa- goes back and he's really angry with Bellina. But there's just no question about it. Each time that he's been called out on strike. Third. Call right of it in there. The computerized don't show to being right on the inside corner. There's one response to the complaint because he complains about every inside pitch that's called a strike. As if somehow because he gets closer to the plate than almost any other hitter that he's entitled to not have that call to strike, the the main answer would be well if you can't hit that pit you should move little further off the plane now fastball is too far into David freeze. I remember years ago. Carl Yastrzemski off autophagy. When he was around forty years old, and he would complain about every inside pitch was called a strike on par. I asked somebody on the Red Sox about that. Here's the one. Okay. And that MRs inside too. Said well, he argues about it because. He doesn't wanna have to hit that pitch to hit. Giants three dodgers to a runner at second to down in the. PK Hernandez leads away from second now to pitch and the fastball. He's off the inside. Again, got the hitting forty Seger. I'm dan. First base is open. On the other hand. He has not been able to throw strikes to cedar..

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