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Yeah i mean. More accessible most won't be generally flashed for like twenty quid pounds in gill in bells bells. Yes i was just thinking like like okay. What would encourage me. Because i i don't understand it i i from doing the research kind of okay. This these are things that would make me. Want the reason i would pay for it and i just got few list of things i would pay reasons. Why would i know well. So the first the first thing first way i would pay for it. If someone i knew was on i found our scrolling through funds for other st louis louis old guys if it was someone you knew it was a friend like an old like someone like that would you would you. You subscribe to them. I entirely depends on how lonely. I feel like i really think that the para social relationship that people are developing online Personalities is probably the main fuel for this this rise in onlyfans so if like something from like a five years ago next one. That was my next point. It was like if it was a crush from like like old school hawk. Crush lightly always wanted to see what that was. All about my. Oh okay. I wouldn't. I wouldn't i think feel the need to to be on inside. I don't care how. Well i know the manar probably the track to me as well a bit more i i i would if if it was like your school heart crash like the one that you like. Middle school over she. She's grown up as she's not stuck in school uniform. Ooh ooh okay. How okay then. How how would this actually if it was if it was like about convincing me to sign. Because you're you're you're going for only funds discussed this must have wifi is Disconnecting lot so he's going on an officer firm but you're gone. Carry-ons is funding so up until it was like a celebrity year like an angelina jolie and the engineer I feel really bad for bringing her up to now. She had a mastectomy. Didn't see so it's like a three factory. Yeah if it was a celebrity that you were our shining. She was willing to. She was in alternate reality. She was willing to pay like she was willing to. Have you pay for it. Would she was willing to have me pay off like fucking sacrifice probably not not really into. I'm honestly i'm not into strangers or people i don't know so.

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