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Game misconduct podcast with Don league-record and welcome to the Thursday edition of game misconduct. I am down Liberec not a lot of games last night. But I thought all of them were pretty entertaining. Of course, all of the focus was in Winnipeg to the jets and the Maple Leafs first time ever that NBC sports that had one of that Wednesday night national game where both teams were Canadian emanating from Winnipeg first time that doc Emmerick had been in Winnipeg since he was the devil announcer. The old Winnipeg Jets goes back, you know, prior to nineteen Ninety-six we're talking probably somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty two twenty three years ago. The last time docket stepped into that city and he called a great game. And I'll say this about Winnipeg we can get all excited all we want. Of course. The Leafs win that game four to that. They've got this tremendous comeback ability and they made it three nothing game at three two game in the third period. And we saw we did the last couple of times they played with come from behind victories, including an amazing come from behind victory against Saint Louis, but you can't play that way every night. I mean There's this guy. got to be a little bit more consistency to your game. You can't keep getting off to these slow starts. I think Winnipeg's terrific. And I think there are playoff team. And I think there are a Cup contender. There's no question. But when you start to get to that level, you're gonna get graded a little bit differently than other teams. And that's not the way you wanna play in the playoffs. If you're gonna make a run now, they went to the conference final last year. They're looking to take the next step. There's nothing you can do in October that is going to change what you need to do in April. But you would like to clean some of those things up but give credit Toronto they passed the test. And it was with not your usual suspects score in the goals until Taveras got the huge gold made it four two after healers and shy. Fli had scored back to back goals in the third period to cut the deficit to one. So it's a virus gets his seventh. But captain NS Qadri getting the goals cabinets now out five, so don't misunderstand. As far as that. I'm saying that he's not a good player. But you figure with a marquee gay. I'm like that. It's going to be Matthews. That's going to be Taveras. But it was captain Aniston Qadri NS and cadre getting their first of the season and a nice win for Toronto four to over. The Winnipeg Jets real tough one for the islanders very tough. Now, they got a point which is important three four and one now on the season. But you've got a panther team. That's been on the ropes played a lot of overtime games. Got squashed by the Rangers the night before. So the play in the second of back to backs and you've got to nothing lead going into the third period. He got to win that game. You gotta now maybe you don't get caught up in winning it in regulation because it's non visual team. Who cares? Maybe that can come back to haunt you in a trace for the wild card, but the point is you're up to nothing at home against a reeling panther team that played the night before you cannot lose that game, Nelson and Everley get the tallies for the islanders in the first and second period respectively. Go into the third period, and it's betrayal quick to forty eight in his third Davidov is. Fourth comes midway through. And then Hoffman scores. The goal of the game winning goal in overtime, thirty three seconds. And that's a bad bad loss for the your calendars. They get in to get a point. So I guess you can live with it. But this Allender team trying to find their way Panthers. Trying to find their way as well. We'll see if this maybe Spurs the Panthers on with a nice comeback. Remember this team's gotta go overseas to for that global series. So Panthers needed to they got two of the big third period. Possible Stanley Cup. Final preview. Maybe it's a little too early to talk about that avalanche. The lightning from Colorado. Great game fun game. Boy, love the see. These two teams hook up in the Stanley Cup final. That would be great again way too early to talk about that..

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