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City of Seattle's catch ever. These policy is turning into a vicious cycle in the courts, almost Jonathan show reports. All the riders arrested Sunday night are now back on the streets. 18 people arrested during the riot, but the prosecutor's office says there was only enough evidence to bring two people before a judge for potential felony level charges. The judge also released them back on the street. Both men were arrested for allegedly assaulting officer Sunday evening during a confrontation near police union headquarters, the judge said. There is not enough It's toe hold them and perceive, but they could be charged later. The county prosecutor's office says. There's a backlog and delay at Seattle police D and really trying to cut back under overtime as they've been directed to do, But what it means is when you have high skill, protest sickness and large events that take incredible amounts of staffing. It makes it harder to get the information to prosecutors in order to have a full case where we could bring charges. And once again reporting on that comas Jonathan Choco Maru's time 11 07 new efforts to recall multiple members of the Seattle City Council this week. We told you about a petition circulating to recall Lisa, her bowled over her vote to defund Police Now recall paperwork filed against Thomas a want Ernie Lou file that paperwork with King County elections. She's That's not represent our view. See if a judge agrees Lou would have 180 days to collect about 10,000 signatures, and he hopes to get the recall initiative on the February ballot. Washington state's attorney general once again taking aim at the federal government, Bob Ferguson filing suit against three separate agencies over the closure of the National Archives at Seattle. The lawsuit follows a demand from the Public Buildings Reform Board, which said it would need more than $65,000 to redact public records relating to the shutdown. Ferguson calls that demand outrageous and has raised concerns over whether the move might be politically motivated. The National Archives tells the Seattle Times it does not comment on litigation. Students in Seattle, beginning the new school year in a couple of weeks, with all remote instruction from home. But unlike last spring attendance will be taken and grades will count more from Kemal's crowning Johnson. When the school year begins next month. Students and teachers will likely spend the first two or three days. Just making sure families have what they need. And what we're doing is calling touching base, making sure that You know, we'll have family tech centers where families can have access to people who can help them set up Technologies of Seattle School Superintendent Denise Juno says they will be taking attendance but also offer flexibility for students so long as they're doing the lessons. As for a return to in person instruction, Gino says they can't know when that will happen right now, but when it is possible It could be any number of scenarios, outdoor spaces, community schools and look at some innovative ways that we might be able to get back to in person more quickly. September 4th is the first day for Seattle schools. Carleen Johnson. Come on. New students are back in school at a private school in Renton. As we hear from comas. Keith Eldridge was a small, independent school kindergarten through high school. They believe they can mask up in state socially distant and keep kids and staff safe. Renton Prep Christian school 140 kids total, but only half of them are actually at the school, the other half going fully online. And they say they're following the governors and state health secretary's guidance on temperature checks, masking, distancing and being outdoors whenever possible. Awfully mask. We've talked with medical professionals who are families who have kids and a swell as those who are unrelated to our school, and we don't know the importance of masking even outside then, unlike other schools that planned on a hybrid or part online and part on sites Bretton Prep is either or that's couples. Keith Eldridge reporting news time 11 10 and to the Sports desk. We go as the Mariners back in town after a one and seven road trip that ended with seven straight defeats, including a 21 lost to the Dodgers last night at Dodger Stadium. The Mariners will hope to get a lot more offense going as a put Taiwan Walker on the mound tonight against the Dodgers in the first game of a two game Siri's here in Seattle after the two games in Los Angeles. The CIA is working out of the V. Mac and renting coach Pete Carroll yesterday, said the newcomers to the team are trying to get up to speed. I expect guys have.

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